FRANLI Paint Production Line

Our purpose is simple: practice how to offer suitable machines to help customers save the cost of raw material and the human cost. 

Twenty years ago, we began as a small factory that produces basic high-speed disperser and mixer machines. Today, we still sell high-speed disperser and mixer, as well as bead mill, three roll mill, multi-shaft mixers, and more customized disperser and mixers. Also collected the more spirited of us, providing the very best customer service, customer experience, and company culture. 

FRANLI is keeping practice the most suitable, easy operation, also safe working design for the turn-key project. From selling several sets of machines to one full line, then turn-key project. We have an overseas technology support team.

Who we are? we are one team, to being confident, to be trusted, practice to be human then talking and behavior. We aim to inspire the company who we meet by showing it’s possible to simultaneously deliver happiness, positive, sunshine to customer, employees, vendors, service cooperators. we are getting into a team by having the same dream of spirit. To design and create machines.


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We can test your machines before shipment or we can arrange professional engineers to help you install and test your machines in your own factory.


  • KIM

    Hope you are doing well. I wanted to take a moment and write you an email regarding the exceptional job:

    FRANLI is a very good partner. I purchased a three roll mill from them last year. Due to improper operation, the machine broke down and the speed of the three roll mill could not be raised. Their engineers contacted us and repeatedly helped We tested and finally solved the problem.

    Again, Franli did an amazing job tell him thank you again for all his help.

  • John Baker

    I am very happy to be able to use franli's machines. Since working with you, the after-sales service problem has basically not caused us to worry, and I can help my factory to set up the production line and put it into production so quickly. Franli is a trustworthy partner.

    Franli is a company with branded quality. The three roll mill and high speed disperser purchased from you also solved the production problem for my factory.

  • Meradbel Alder

    It is a pleasure to send you this email, it is the first time for us to cooperate with FRANLI, your bead mill makes me very happy, the fineness and effect of grinding far exceed my expectations, and the engineer in FRANLI Under the guidance of , the entire production process became exceptionally smooth.

Franli Video of Painting & lnk Machines

Franli is a market leader in one step smart coating, adhesive, Agrochemistry solution company, processional focus on chemical machines in China for 30years. Franli mainly produce Bead mill, Three Roll Mill, Twin Shaft Disperser, High Speed Disperser, High Shear MixerDouble Plantery Mixer, Paint Filling Machine, Chemical Reactor and so on.
Franli is also a scientific, technological intelligent equipment service provider, intergrating R&D, design manufacturing, installation and commission, production line upgrading and transformation.
Franli export machines for more than 65 countries, such as Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA, France, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Russia, etc.
FRANLI service is oversea installation, free testing before or after producing, some countries has oversea maintance engineer teams.

FRANLI · Wet Grinding Equipment Manufacturer
May 24,2021