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We specialize in the following verticals

Production Line

Digital Ink machine line
Franli has professional experience for digital ink machine line, we offered hundreds customers to expand production, or build up new project.
Automotive Paint machine line
The automotive paint machine line is mainly for the production and grinding of automotive paint, Automotive paint has many layers, such as Primer/electrophoretic layer, Medium coat, Colored coat, and Clearcoat.
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About Franli

Franli is a market leader in a one-step smart coating, adhesive, and Agrochemistry solution company, processional focus on chemical machines in China for 20 years. Franli mainly produces Bead millsThree Roll MillTwin Shaft DisperserHigh Speed DisperserHigh Shear MixerDouble Planetary Mixer, Paint Filling Machine, Chemical reactors and so on.
Franli is also a scientific, technological intelligent equipment service provider, integrating R&D, design manufacturing, installation and commission, production line upgrading, and transformation.

Guides for Wet grinding equipments

If you are looking for chemical machinery for the wet grinding industry. Then Franli can is your first choice. Different types of wet grinding equipment have slightly different functions involved, learn more about the wet grinding equipment guides.