Laboratory Three Roll Mill|PLC Control System & Experimental

Three Roll Mill

The laboratory three roll mill is equipped with the most advanced PLC functions to continuously improve the operability of the most primitive production equipment.

Details of Three Roll Mill

  • Two types: handwheel and digital control gap
  • Safe scraper socket, Emergency-stop
  • Space-saving desktop models
  • Drip tray for easy cleaning

Application: Paint, Adhesive, Battery, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic

The touch control system of the graphical interface can be perfectly suitable for the production of small batches of products and data collection in the laboratory. The laboratory three roll mill is very practical and widely used in ink, graphite, pigment, paint, cosmetics, food, and other industries.

The laboratory three roll mill can choose different rollers according to the characteristics of the material. The common rollers are stainless steel, ceramics, marble, etc. The user can easily complete the control and data acquisition of fineness and cooling water through the PLC system. The laboratory three roll mill has the characteristics of flexible operation, accurate precision, and stable operation. It can not only meet the viscosity of various materials but also meet the grinding requirements of materials. It is one of the best pieces of equipment for wet grinding.

Characteristics of the laboratory three roll mill

  1. With the frequency conversion speed control device, it can meet the grinding of materials with different viscosity, and also has good controllability for different speed requirements.
  2. It has an adjustable spring tensioning scraper seat, which can more effectively ensure the discharge effect.
  3. The tension of the scraper can be adjusted.
  4. The final fineness of the material is from 1 to 20 microns, depending on the characteristics of the material itself.
  5. The output can reach 0.02 to 20 liters/hour, and the power can also be selected according to the needs of users.
  6. The laboratory three roll mill has small in size and saves space.
  7. With an advanced PLC control system.

Advantages of laboratory three roll mills

① The laboratory three roll mill adopts the method of cyclic grinding, which completely realizes the homogenization and dispersion of substances, reduces the particle size, and breaks the agglomerated particles. The result is a homogeneous slurry that provides the perfect basis for further processing of the material.

② The laboratory three roll mill is equipped with a PLC touch control system. Through a simple touch, the distance between each roller can be adjusted to ensure parallelism between the rollers. Equipped with an elastically tensioned scraper socket to ensure constant pressure on the scraper, and no need to readjust during operation.

③ The laboratory three roll mill can be matched with different materials of rollers, and the choice of rollers and scraper materials – from stainless steel to alumina, silicon carbide, and zirconia – to meet various needs.

④ The laboratory three roll mill is equipped with a safety device. To ensure the safety of the operator during use, the machine can be cleaned easily and quickly.

FRANLI is a three roll mill manufacturer in the packaging industry, and according to the characteristics of the material, the entire production line can be designed according to the needs of users, and the output of the entire production line can be completed. There are many types of three roll mills under FRANLI. The popular types include manual three roll mills, hydraulic three roll mills, heating power three-roll mills, laboratory three roll mills, etc., which can meet the requirements of wet grinding of all materials.

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Guidelines For Three Roll Mill

Three roll mills are widely used in a variety of chemical industries, from medium to high viscosity productions. FRANLI machine can break open all kinds of pigment, UV ink, offset ink, decorative paints, and Lubricants, it also can catch the greatest fineness in cosmetics/ lipstick and electronics industries. 

Lab Three Roller Mill
Guidelines For Three Roll Mill

Three Roll Mill For Grease

The three roll mill plays a vital role in the grinding of grease. Grease is essentially a kind of lubricating oil, which is a solid or semi-solid product formed by one or more thickeners through the grinding and dispersing action of a three roll mill.

heating three roll mill
Guidelines For Three Roll Mill

Three Roll Mill For Attapulgite

Three roll mill is the main equipment for grinding attapulgite. The attapulgite is ground and dispersed mainly because it is a natural colloid. Even if the size of the attapulgite reaches 0.1mm, it cannot be easily dispersed by the machine, so the final state of attapulgite formation has been greatly developed.

manual three rolll mill trs9
Guidelines For Three Roll Mill

Rolls of a three-roll mill

The three-roll mill is mainly used for grinding materials of various viscosities and is one of the best wet grinding equipment. The dispersing and emulsification effect of the three-roll mill is excellent, especially for ink, paint, colloid, chocolate, plastic, cosmetics, etc., whether it is liquid slurry or paste material, the three-roll mill can work easily.

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