Pneumatic Mixer

The pneumatic mixer is mainly used in industries with explosion-proof requirements, such as petroleum, chemical, coating, paint, woodworking, food, daily chemical and other flammable, explosive, dusty, heavy-duty, humid, and other workplaces. Its characteristics are also many, pls check as below:


1. The pneumatic mixer can be stepless speed regulation. As long as the opening of the intake valve or exhaust valve is controlled, that is, the flow of compressed air is controlled, the output power and speed of the motor can be adjusted. The purpose of adjusting speed and power can be achieved.


2. The pneumatic mixer can rotate forward and reverse. As long as the control valve is used to change the air motor's intake and exhaust direction, the forward and reverse rotation of the air motor's output shaft can be realized, and the direction can be changed instantaneously.


3. The working environment of the pneumatic mixer is not affected by vibration, high temperature, electromagnetic, radiation, etc., suitable for the harsh working environment, and can work normally under adverse conditions such as flammable, explosive, high temperature, vibration, humidity, and dust.


4. The pneumatic motor matched with the pneumatic mixer has overload protection and will not malfunction due to overload. When overloaded, the air motor only slows down or stops. When the overload is released, it can resume normal operation immediately without causing malfunctions such as mechanical damage. It can run continuously for a long time with a full load, and the temperature rise of the air motor is small.


5. The pneumatic mixer has a high starting torque and can be started directly with the load. It starts and stops quickly, and it can be started with the load. It will not burn and affect the use of an electric mixer.


6. The pneumatic mixer is easy to operate and maintain. The pneumatic motor is simple in structure, small in size, light in weight, and large in horsepower. It uses air as a medium, which is easy to operate and maintain.