Pneumatic Drum Mixer

Pneumatic drum mixer is suitable for many kinds of drums, such as 200L iron drum, plastic drum, ordinary stainless steel tank. And the pneumatic drum mixer has a different model to fit different drums. 

Advantages of Pneumatic drum mixer

  • low grinding fineness
  • Wide range of applications
  • high working efficiency












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Technical Parameter

Pneumatic Drum Mixer Parameters

Guidelines For Pneumatic drum mixer

The Pneumatic drum mixer is mainly used in industries with explosion-proof requirements, such as petroleum, chemical, coating, paint, woodworking, food, daily chemical and other flammable, explosive, dusty, heavy-duty, humid, and other workplaces.

here are some models as below:

1.Stretch type Pneumatic drum mixer

This type of mixer is suitable for mixing and dispersing chemical materials such as paint, ink, glue, and other chemical materials in a 250L bucket. And this type of mixer is suitable for sealed buckets. The stainless steel extended blades can be easily put into the bucket and use centrifugal force during operation. The leaves are opened and closed when stopped.

2.Horizontal type pneumatic drum mixer

This model is suitable for the grinding of 200L-500L barrels. The sturdy horizontal agitator is placed in the center of the cylinder barrel, which can stir smoothly and quickly and can also be quickly changed to other barrels. One machine has multiple functions and saves equipment costs.

There are handles on both sides of the horizontal plate for easy movement, and the whole structure design is beautiful and generous. And both sides of the horizontal plate can be adjusted and fixed according to the size of the barrel to prevent shifting during work.

3. Lifting type pneumatic drum mixer

This type of pneumatic drum mixer is suitable for a 200-1000L tank, For dissolving, mixing, reaction, anti-precipitation, and other changeable occasions, this machine adopts single-cylinder pneumatic lifting, which can freely adjust speed and height.

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