Emulsion In Water Pesticide Production Line

The Emulsion In Water Pesticide Production Line mainly mixes raw materials, solvents, and emulsifiers through a reactor (oil-based). The reactor is a stainless steel body and jacket, which can prevent the raw materials from being polluted and keep the raw materials as raw materials. After working through the Inline emulsifier, filter with a Bag filter to make the emulsion more delicate and uniform.


Mainly used in water emulsion and other agrochemical products.
Emulsion in water(EW) is an internationally recognized new formulation of pesticides that is safe for the environment. As it generally does not contain solvents such as toluene and xylene, after the use of the emulsion in water, the volatilization of the liquid is reduced, the drift of the liquid is prevented, and it will not harm crops. In the new situation of global shortage of petrochemical resources, emulsion in water has strong competitiveness and is widely used in the Agriculture industry.
The common processing method of EW is to mix the raw material, solvent, and emulsifier by reactor(oil-based), the reactor is with stainless steel body and jacket, which can prevent raw materials from being contaminated and keep the raw material as a set temperature; and the reactor is with low speed, the speed is about 65rpm, we also offer VFD to adjust the mixing speed frequently.
And another reactor(water-based) will work at the same time to mix water with antifreeze, etc. this reactor also has a jacket and stainless steel body, but it has twin shafts, one is a high shear disc with high speed, the high speed is about 0-1450rpm, another is anchor stirring impeller with low speed, the low speed is about 50rpm; The reactor with high speed and low speed together will have a higher share for mixing the material and make the material mix evenly.
After the mixing by the reactor, the EW paste will come to the Inline emulsifier. Franli inline emulsifier has a different stage to choose from, suitable for different viscosity materials, and we adopt double-end mechanical seal, which can prevent material leakage; also the inline emulsifier has the feature, such as high efficiency, save power, low noise, and stable operation.
The EW paste will go to the Bag filter to filter big particles and impurities, and make the emulsion more delicate and evenly. Franli bag filter adopts a full stainless steel body, which is easy to clean; and we have different materials for filter bags, such as PP, SS304, SS316, etc. which are suitable for different kinds of materials and different customers’ demands.
After filtering, the EW paste will be transferred to the agitator mixer for both storage and mixing, we usually match two sets of agitator mixers to use alternately. The agitator mixer also adopts an anchor impeller with slow speed, we usually use 50rpm speed; In addition, ABB/Siemens Beide motor, ABB VFD, and Nord reducer are optional, which can meet different customers’ requirements.
The final step is filling, Franli offers a self-automatic filling machine and an automatic filling machine for optional, and the Franli filling machine has good performance in filling speed and accuracy.
The above is the whole process of producing the emulsion in water, if you any interested, welcome to connect with us.


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