The kneader machine is highly preferable for vulcanizing, polymerization and kneading of high viscosity and elastoplastic materials. Some of the kneader applications include the production of silicone rubber, sealant, hot melt glue, food base, ink, medicinal preparations, and other similar items. The kneader machine works best when two squeegee blades are positioned in a side-by-side differential speed type, with one stirring paddle moving at a rapid speed and the other moving at a slow pace, resulting in scissors. Shear force and varying paddle speeds allow the kneaded material to crush, allowing for more complete mixing. The machine is applied in different mixing industries to produce efficient and effective materials used for different purposes.

How does it operate?

A kneading machine is a pair of interconnected and rotating paddles produced by the strong shear effect of semi-dry or rubbery viscous plastic materials, which can cause the particles to react quickly and uniformly. The kneader mixer machine is a device that uses a pair of cooperating and spinning blades to provide strong shearing action, allowing semi-dry or rubbery viscous plastic to be mixed. The kneader mixer has two types of blades, each with a different speed. Kneading machines can be designed to meet the needs of heating and non-heating forms, with heat exchange methods that typically include: electric heating, steam heating, circulating hot oil heating, and circulating water cooling. The kneading component, the base part, the hydraulic system, the transmission system, and the electric control system make up the kneader mixer machine.

The hydraulic system with a hydraulic station manipulates the cylinder, completing the cylinder, opening and other functions. The hydraulic system is convenient and reliable to use. A twin-screw kneader is an effective polymer processing tool. The mixing performance of the twin-screw kneader is a critical metric. Wide variety of particles, ranging from low viscosity adhesive to high viscosity rubber can be attained by dispersion kneader machine. A dispersion kneader consists of a mixing chamber and rotary blades made of high-grade steel. A pneumatically or hydraulically controlled pressure lid in the mixing tank helps to regulate pressure on the raw material during blending. The kneader machine for rubber mixing uses two blades that operate side to side from each other to cut, mix and blend materials applying different speeds and shear force. This factor enhances faster and quicker dispersion, blending and mixing of materials into finer particles.


Z Blade MixerZ Blade Mixer


Z blade kneader mixer operates by setting the mixing shaft of the kneader in a ‘Z’ shape, while the two ends of the mixing shaft are in conical heads. The pointed head of the machine at one end of the mixing shaft is connected to the motor outside the blending tank through the spinning shaft whereas, the other pointed head of the blending shaft is attached to the inner wall of the blending tank through the rotating shaft.

Moreover, kneader mixer manufacturer ensures that for the impact of mixing viscous materials is to be enhanced, the two ends of the mixing shaft   must be equipped with tapered heads, minimizing the space between the outer end of the tapered head and the mixing tank and lowering the likelihood of materials adhering to the mixing tank. The Z blade mixer has a basic structure, yet it has a high mixing efficiency.

Application of kneader machine

The dispersion kneader is suited for rubber and plastic mastication, as well as the blending of different rubber and plastic components. Small and medium-sized rubber and plastics manufacturers with a wide range of product types and colours, as well as food, dyes, pharmaceuticals, and ceramics, can benefit from the internal mixer. Kneading, mixing, curing, and polymerization of high viscosity and elastoplastic materials are all possible with the kneader machine for rubber mixing. Silicone rubber, sealant, hot melt glue, food gelatin, medical preparations, and other products can all be manufactured with this kneading machine. This laboratory kneader mixer is meant for mixing all types of high viscosity materials. It features a new/updated propeller, high production efficiency, good sealing performance, and a high degree of automation.

dispersion kneaderdispersion kneader


The mixer kneader machine is ideal for mixing, kneading and blending high elastoplastic materials with high efficiency and effectiveness. The mixer kneader machine uses two different speed propellers, strong extrusion, and shear force to blend materials uniformly. Manufacturing of high viscosity sealant, silicon rubber, ink pigments, dyes, medicine, resin, plastic, rubber and cosmetics are all achievable through kneader mixer rubber processing machines.


mixer kneader

mixer kneader


The  rubber kneader is particularly used for herbal rubber, artificial rubber, plastic, rubber and plastic refining and mixing, rubber and plastic blending, also suitable for diverse styles of low viscosity materials for mixing.  The rubber kneader machine price depends on the company that manufactures it.  The kneader machine for specification has been designed with advanced and reasonable layout, little space, handy installation, excessive production efficiency, smooth operation, reliability, ideal cooling and heating impact to enhance blending efficiency. kneaders application in most of the industries such as silicone rubber, ink, dumping, dyes, rubber, plastics, medicine, cellulose, carbon, starch, chewing gum, bubble gum, chocolate biscuit ceramics, artificial resins, pulp, magnetic recording materials, emulsion explosives, Adhesives, building water-resistant coatings, cosmetics, polymers, and numerous colouring substances industries has enhanced higher productivity ratio.

The kneader mixer has two blending blades that spin towards each other at differential speeds inside a W-shaped trough. The two rotating blades move the particles in opposite directions thereby offering brilliant cross mixing of all raw materials. This mixer is preferable for highly viscous material. The machine is easy to operate, provides efficient results as well as production of finer particles. Customers can get rubber kneader machines at affordable prices from the market.

Franli Company has primarily developed the kneader machine with characteristics such as desulfurization and denitration catalysts to actively respond to the market's needs for low carbonization. The machine may operate in a vacuum, under pressure, at high temperatures, low temperatures, or room temperature. If you want the best mixing machine for your material, then this company is the most suitable for you.