Dispersion Kneader

Dispersion KneaderThe dispersion kneader is suitable for the mastication of rubber and plastics, and the mixing of various rubber materials and plastics. The internal mixer is especially suitable for small and medium-sized rubber and plastic products factories with variable product varieties and colors, as well as food, dyes, medicine, and ceramics. And other industries use. The characteristics of dispersion kneader are as follows:

1. The dispersion kneader has high production efficiency, uniform material dispersion, and the environment is not polluted, and it is easy to change materials, change colors, and clean.

2. The mixing chamber, rotor, pressure mound, and other components of dispersion kneader adopt a jacketed structure, which can be heated or cooled bypassing media, steam, heat transfer oil, and water to meet the requirements of various rubber mixing (plastic refining) processes and processing The quality of the materials is excellent and stable.

3. Feed material from the rear door of the frame (or from the side), and the mixing chamber is turned forward 140° to discharge, which is convenient for the connection of the upper and lower processes of the production process and is convenient for the observation and cleaning of the mixing chamber and the rotor of dispersion kneader.

4. The electric control system of the dispersion kneader adopts a PLC device, which has perfect and reliable automatic control, monitoring, alarm, and other functions and necessary chain protection.