Sigma Mixer Machine

Sigma Mixer MachineThe sigma mixer machine is a device that produces a strong shearing action by a pair of cooperating and rotating blades, so that semi-dry or rubbery viscous plastic materials can be uniformly mixed and stirred.

Sigma mixer machine is the ideal equipment for mixing, kneading, crushing, dispersing, and re-polymerizing various high-viscosity elastoplastic materials.

Sigma mixer machines are divided into three categories: ordinary type, pressure type, and vacuum type. There are two heating methods, electric and steam, and water cooling to choose from. The discharge methods of the sigma mixer machine include hydraulic tilting cylinder dumping, manual dumping, ball valve discharging, and screw. Extrusion type, etc., the parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel or carbon steel, which can ensure the purity and quality of the product. The sigma mixer machine adopts like "Z" type double paddle stirring, which can make the materials react quickly and mix uniformly.