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FRANLI filling machines have been used in many industries, including the food industry, daily chemical industry, agrochemical industry, lubricants, etc. In terms of the degree of automation of production, FRANLI filling machines can be divided into semi-automatic filling machines and fully automatic filling production lines, and there are many types of filling machines involved, including almost the entire filling line.
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According to the filing requirements of various products and the required configuration, our filling machines can be divided into atmospheric filling machines, pressure filling machines, liquid filling machines, oil filling machines, and paste filling machines. Sauce filling machine, granular slurry filling machine, powder filling machine, vat water filling machine, and vacuum filling machine.

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The paint industry has its own special design paint filling machine, normally choose weight type filling machine. One color needs one set of filling machine; also can filling different color of the painting, while it should be installed hopper

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Filling machines have always been the strong backing of the packaging industry. In recent years, with the improvement of science and technology, filling machines have developed rapidly. At present, more filling production lines are used. In contrast, filling machines are more efficient high.

Introduction to various filling machines

Atmospheric filling machine

An atmospheric filling machine is a kind of liquid filling machine. It mainly uses the weight of the liquid under atmospheric pressure to input the liquid. This type of filling machine is mainly suitable for liquid tanks with low viscosity and no gas. Equipment, such as milk, white wine, purified water, mineral water, etc. For the atmospheric filling machine, we will upgrade it according to its own advantages and characteristics, and divide it into two ways: fixed-time canning and constant-volume canning.

Pressure filling machine

The principle of pressure filling machines is similar to that of atmospheric pressure filling machines. They both use atmospheric pressure for filling, but the two are just the opposite. They are mainly used for filling input when the pressure is higher than the atmospheric pressure. The application type of the pressure filling machine is also for liquid canning, but on the contrary, it is mainly suitable for canning liquids containing gas, such as beverage soda, beer, soda, etc. The entire canning environment needs to be higher than the atmosphere Under stress. Due to the difference in pressure, we divide the pressure filling machine into two types of production: one is that when the pressure in the liquid storage cylinder reaches the same value as the pressure in the bottle, it needs to pass the weight of the liquid itself to flow into the bottle. The filling is called isobaric filling; the other is when the pressure in the liquid storage tank is higher than the pressure in the bottle, the liquid needs to rely on the air pressure difference to flow into the bottle. Many companies want to achieve high-speed production lines, This method is generally used.

Vacuum filling machine

The vacuum filling machine is one of the most popular machines in the FRANLI canning series, mainly because of its simple structure and its high advantages in canning efficiency. When it comes to vacuum canning, it is not difficult to understand that it also has a certain relationship with air pressure. When the pressure in the bottle is lower than atmospheric pressure, a vacuum filling machine can be used for compression. It has no specific restrictions on the viscosity of the material. That is to say, its overall use range is extremely wide.

Grease filling machine

Oil canning requires certain technical conditions, including filling various oil products, such as edible oil, lubricating oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, etc. According to this type of filling machine, it is a filling machine specially developed and developed for the filling of oil materials, which can realize the flexible configuration of manual operation and unmanned operation. Generally, we divide the type of grease filling machine according to the measurement method, which can be divided into flowmeter type, piston type, weighing type, and other types. Not only that, but we also divide the filling machine into the linear type and rotary type according to the equipment style.

Plug filling machine

With the improvement of living materials, the demand for food, agrochemical, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, and other industries is also increasing, but for the canning of such products, there must be a new type of machine that adapts to multiple industries. The design of the plug-in filling machine solves this kind of demand, not only has a wide range of applications but also can greatly improve work efficiency and filling speed.

The liquid filling machine has been upgraded and updated many times. At present, the newly designed liquid filling machine of FRANLI adopts a horizontal design, which has the advantages of lightness and convenience. It can realize automatic feeding, and can also self-adjust for feeding for thicker pastes. The system is equipped with manual and automatic mutual switching functions: when the machine is in the “automatic” state, the system will automatically start continuous filling of the product at the set speed. When the system is in the “manual” state, the operator needs to step on the pedal of the filling machine to achieve filling. If you keep stepping on it, it will also change the original state and become automatic continuous filling. status. The liquid filling machine is equipped with a drip-proof filling system. Its working principle is mainly that when the filling machine is filling, the cylinder moves up and down to drive the bulkhead.

1. The liquid filling machine can be matched and selected accessories

a. Needle type filling head: it can be suitable for filling small-caliber bottles and tube packaging products. The diameter and length of the needle part can be determined or customized according to the specific conditions of the container.

b. Turn/ball valve control system: suitable for materials with different viscosities and particles, and can solve various pressure problems caused by high-position and high-pressure feeding.

c. Hopper: We generally recommend that the factory use it when filling products with a higher viscosity so that the machine can achieve better filling results.

The paste filling machine is the best equipment for canning low-viscosity liquids to high-viscosity pastes. Many such daily chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries are full of praise for it. It is compatible with liquid filling machines. The design is similar. It also adopts a horizontal design and has many advantages of a liquid filling machine. For thicker pastes, you can also add hoppers to feed. The operating conditions involved are basically similar to those of the liquid filling machine.
The sauce filling machine is undoubtedly a boon for products such as chili sauce, bean paste, peanut butter, sesame paste, jam, butter hot pot base, red oil hot pot base, and other products with particles and high concentration in condiments, not only It can improve the quality of canned thick sauces, and can also complete canning with maximum efficiency. For sauce filling machines, FRANLI mainly produces two types of automatic filling machines and semi-automatic filling machines according to the user’s usage habits.
For liquid materials with relatively low viscosity, the weighing filling machine has the characteristics of high-precision canning, few wearing parts, and simple maintenance. And it has high applicability in chemical raw materials such as paints, coatings, and resins.
In the pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, pesticide, and special industries, there are many granular and slurry-like viscosity fluids. When these materials are canned, the machine must have certain granular canning conditions. The granular slurry filling machine manufactured by FRANLI It can make up for this. The type of this machine is a semi-automatic piston filling machine, which can fill granular slurry fluid materials with high efficiency.