Paint Filling Machine

Paint Filling MachineThe paint industry has its own special design paint filling machine, normally choose weight type filling machine. One color needs one set of filling machine; also can filling different color of the painting, while it should be installed hopper, which is easy to washing or changing colors.

The paint package has plastic and metal cans, also has a drum, IBC, etc. And painting has harder paint, solvent paint, water-based paint, also high viscosity like putty, carbon black ink, etc. How to choose the best paint filling machine?

We should know the capacity of cans, and what kind of your package? What’s the viscosity, how much speed of filling per hour? if need an automatic or semi-auto paint filling machine? 

Here is the full-auto paint filling machine, manual put cans on the feeding table, auto transfer to filling machine, auto separate lids and auto putting lids, auto pressing lids for plastic lids or crimping lids for metal crown lids, different lids type match different pressing lid type. So sending detailed pics of lids is necessary to choose the filling machine.

Main Technical Parameters

Paint Filling Machine Parameters