Pearl Mill

Pearl MillFranli manufacturer produces pearl mills(PDF documents related to FRANLI Pearl MILLFRANLI pearl mill pdf) for both high viscosity and low viscosity. pearl Mill is also called vertical bead mill, high viscosity pearl mill used in offset ink, printing ink, screen printing ink, condensed ink, gravure ink, letterpress ink, carbon black, and other high viscosity material. While low viscosity of pearl mill used in automotive paint, topcoat, clear coat, printing ink, and digital ink, etc. 


The pearl mill grinding chamber with pins, specially designed grinding shaft. We install an advanced cooling system for high temperature of viscosity material. pearl mill has a German mechanical seal, NSK bearings. Which avoids the leaking of material. Magnetic filter reaches 8000 Gauss. Volume variable piston-type grinding chamber energy density and barrel pressure to attain the best dispersion and milling results.


The advantages of pearl Mill:

1. Conic grinding and mixing tank provides the best grinding effect.

2.Self-cleaning, high-precision separating ring, and grinding media with 0.8-2.5mm are acceptable.

3.Grinding area made of special anti-wearing alloy material ensures long service life.

4. Internal circulated cooling/heating integrated system suiting temperature-sensitive material (optional).


We export to TOKA ink, PEONY, Kingswood Inks, Toyo Ink, etc. We offer a warranty of 2 years for customers all over the world, offer overseas installation and training. Standard wooden case packages.

Main Technical Parameters

Pearl Mill parameters