Lab bead mill

FRANLI Lab bead mill is widely used in coatings, inks, fuels, non-metallic mineral ultrafine powder, magnetic recording materials, and other industries. Among them, there are some large laboratories, industrial areas, university laboratories, etc., which are collected by Lab bead mill. For related grinding data, the overall operation of this machine is very simple, and in laboratory tests, it has become one of the necessary equipment for ultra-fine grinding.

Advantages of Lab bead mill:

  • low grinding fineness
  • Wide range of applications
  • high working efficiency












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Technical Parameter

lab bead mill

Guidelines For Bead Mill

Bead mill is essential equipment for any fabrication company, where mixing, grinding, and dispersing activities happens regularly. If you want fine and even work performance, this  SMP Agitator bead mill is the must-buy equipment for this process. With the help of this SMP Agitator bead mill, you can obtain speedy and stable activities of the company without adding so much effort.


The grinding and dispersing equipment of the Lab bead mill adopts the grinding and dispersing equipment of the rotor rod pin. It has superior advantages and simplicity in grinding solid and liquid two-phase suspensions. It is for user research to scale-up production. The result has officially become a contribution to mass production. Using its data results, it can be guaranteed that the most reasonable production mode can be analyzed through data analysis under the same quality. The material of the grinder can be self-selected and matched. Commonly used materials include: alloy steel, full zirconia material (including the inner wall of the cylinder), and the full zirconia grinder need to pay attention to: minimize the pollution of the material.

The host of Lab bead mill adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and it is controlled by a touch screen. The operation is simpler and more convenient. The menu management greatly improves the whole process and production efficiency. FRANLI has upgraded the Lab bead mill many times. Continuously optimize its parameters, choose more and more stable grinding fineness, and also design explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof types in terms of models, which is convenient to choose and configure according to your needs.

Product advantages:

  1. Laboratory products that can grind nano-scale materials.
  2. Standard process application, easy to get started, test formula, a great contribution to the data of new products.
  3. Collecting data is more accurate, and its parameters can be used to expand productivity and to control product quality and output more accurately.
  4. It adopts step-less speed regulation of frequency conversion speed regulation, and the motor also has an explosion-proof function.
  5. Lab bead mill can carry out the cyclic operation.
  6. Continuous grinding can be carried out, and the amount of each batch can reach 0.25-1L.

For this model, FRANLI also provides product formulations and comprehensive after-sales services for related industries. For partners who use FRANLI Lab bead mill for the first time, we will also provide online and offline guidance, which can be through voice, video, Communicate in several ways such as on-site, and each partner has a one-to-one engineer who can understand the situation at any time.

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