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PCB ink has many types, including solder mask ink, circuit ink, text ink, plug hole ink, etc. Among them, the amount of solder mask ink is very large. The green paint-like coating on the circuit board that we often see is solder mask ink.The raw material of PCB ink is generally epoxy resin. Mixing resin with different pigments will get various colors, and add diluent to adjust the viscosity of the ink.
FRANLI supplies all equipments for the production of PCB inks, from the powder feeding station to the filling part.
The first step in production is to mix powder and resin. We provide a complete set of equipment for metering, as well as the connection and transportation with the feeding station. During the feeding process, a lot of dust will be generated. We can also provide both semi-automatic and fully automatic dust collection systems to meet customers requirement; if the distance between the storage silo and the Twin shaft disperser is relatively far, a powder conveying system is required which we can also offer.
The second step, Epoxy resin, pigments, diluents, etc. enter the twin shaft disperser for stirring, and then enter the buffer tank for mixing evenly. The paste is transported to the buffer tank through the pump, so that the color and viscosity can reach an ideal state when mixing by buffer tank;
The twin shaft disperser plays an important part in the process. FRANLI offers strong and high quality twin shaft disperser, which thickness can reach 10mm and the bottom thickness of the tank can reach 12mm. The cover is made of reinforcement, which the body of our twin shaft disperser is strong and has longer service time. And we offer ABB/Siemens beide motor, ABB VFD, the optional international brands to bring more choices to customers; in addition, our twin shaft disperser also has temperature overload protection, if the actual temperature of the twin shaft disperser exceeds the rated temperature, the machine will It will stop running, which can protect the machine and avoid overload operation.
The third step, the paste comes to the dual shaft mixer or bufferfly mixer from buffer tank. The buffer tank is stirred at a low speed, and there may be some paste particles cannot be well dispersed. At this time, we need to use a high and low speed mixer to disperse the paste, which can make the good effect;
The forth step, it comes to the the three roll mill after the dispersion and mixing, Through the extrusion of the three roll mill, the paste can be grinded finer and the color of the paste can be more bright. FRANLI hydraulic three roll mill, which has 30- 35mm cold hard alloy thickness, with SIEMENS PLC system, stainless steel body and feeding system, providing customers with different choices of materials, PLC system is convenient for storage of formulas with different viscosity and different colors, stainless steel body can be easily cleaned, and feeding system can be save manpower and speed up production
The fifth step,the PCB paste will go to the finished can after the three roll mill, then filling machine, this is the whole process of PCB ink;
if you are interested in the whole production line of PCB ink, please do not hesitate to contact us.

FRANLI Hydraulic three roll mill has a unique Hydraulic system, which controls pressure roller, discharging blade, two sides holders, etc, which system can improve production capacity compared with normal same size three roll mill.

This kind of butterfly mixer is used in offset ink, putty etc industry. The butterfly dispersing mixer is a product with the functions of dispersing and stirring (wall scraping) developed on the basis of a single-axis hydraulic lifting disperser

Franli is a manufacturer that produces all kinds of mixer and milling machines, offers turn-key projects. This dual-shaft mixer has one high-speed disperser and one butterfly mixer. which is mainly used in gravure ink, carbon black, UV ink, Offset Ink, etc. 


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