Double Planetary Mixer

The double planetary mixer is mainly used for the dissolution, mixing, and mixing of high-density materials. It is applicable in many fields and is supported by many factories. For example, polymer lithium-ion battery fluids, inks, pigments, cosmetics, ointments, chemicals, food, pesticides, adhesives, etc., can well solve the mixing, reaction, dispersion, dissolution, averaging, emulsification, and other processes of materials.

Double planet mixerDouble planet mixer


In daily life, our common types of dual planetary mixers are paddle type, twist type, claw type, and frame type. They are equipped with low-speed stirring parts and high-speed stirring parts, and there are some differences in the way they rotate:

The low-speed mixing part adopts planetary gear rotation, and the mixing blade of the machine itself rotates with the rotation of the machine, which can ensure the all-around mixing of the materials so that the materials can achieve the desired effect in a short time.


Double planetary mixer manufacturing workshop


The way of high-speed dispersion components is slightly different. It needs to revolve synchronously with the planet carrier, and it also needs to rotate at a high speed. After the material is subjected to force, it completes intensive shearing and dispersion mixing. The effect is several times that of ordinary machines. It can be single-axis or multi-axis. The factory can choose and match according to its own needs.

Double planetary mixer manufacturing workshop

The tank body of the double planetary mixer can be heated by electricity, steam, water or oil circulation, and it can ensure that the error of the material is almost negligible during the heating process.

The scope of application of double planetary mixer:

Chemicals: inks, sealants, adhesives, synthetic resin rubber, putty, synthetic materials, powder materials, ceramic pigments, abrasives, etc.

Energy: battery paste, paste, etc.

Electronic devices: solder paste, ceramic paste, magnetic materials, silicone ink, electronic adhesive, PVC plastic, paste, etc.

Medicines: ointments, polymer gels, dental products, etc.

Cosmetics, daily chemicals: moisturizer, lipstick, lotion, nail polish, soap, mascara, facial mask.

Food: seasoning, jam, chocolate, etc.

Pesticides: pesticide powder, chemical fertilizers, etc.

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