Double planet mixer

Double planet mixerDouble planet mixer is a new type of mixing equipment with high performance, high speed, easy cleaning, and maintenance. The two agitators of the equipment revolve around the axis while rotating. The agitators are selected according to the viscosity of materials and process characteristics. The common agitators include paddle type, twist type, claw type, and frame type, which have good mixing, reaction, kneading, and dissolution functions;

The high-speed disperser part of the double planetary mixer is composed of multi-layer serrated disperser plates with extremely high speed. It also revolves around the axis at the same time as high-speed rotation. It can quickly disperse the powder (additives) into the slurry, which has a strong dispersion effect.

The double planet mixer is equipped with a set of independent scrapers to continuously wipe the barrel wall. At the same time, the blade can be added to the mixing blade to wipe the bottom of the barrel to avoid mixing dead angle and ensure the stability of the product; Its transmission adopts planetary gear transmission, with large output torque, which is suitable for high temperature, high solid, high viscosity, and other difficult working conditions; 

The closed design of the double planetary mixer can cooperate with the vacuum system to realize the vacuum mixing. The mixing barrel can be designed with jacket heating, and cooperate with the mold temperature controller to realize the constant temperature mixing function. The double planetary mixer is the preferred dispersion and mixing equipment for high viscosity materials in the market.