Laboratory Double Planetary Mixer

Production capacity: 1-15L

Material viscosity: ≤3 million cps

Application areas:

lithium battery slurry, sealant, silica gel, adhesive, ink, food, medicine, cosmetics, new energy materials, and other industries

Applicable materials:

dispersion and mixing of solid-liquid and liquid-liquid phase, mixing of various fluids with viscosity less than 3 million CPS and solid content less than 90%.

Advantages of Laboratory Double Planetary Mixer

  • low grinding fineness
  • Wide range of applications
  • high working efficiency












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Technical Parameter

Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

The double planetary mixer is suitable for polymer lithium-ion battery fluid and liquid lithium-ion battery fluid, electronic electrode slurry, adhesive, mold glue, silicone sealant, polyurethane sealant, anaerobic glue, ink, pigment, cosmetics, Mixing, reacting, dispersing, dissolving, homogenizing and emulsification of liquid-to-liquid and solid-to-liquid materials in the ointment, electronic, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, building materials, and pesticide industries.

Laboratory double planetary mixer is a kind of non-standardized strong mixing and mixing equipment developed by FRANLI for universities, research institutes, and factory laboratories. It is composed of a low-speed agitator, a high-speed disperser, a wall scraper, a bottom scraper, and a temperature measuring probe. It has rapid mixing, reaction, dispersing, and dissolving functions, and is especially suitable for solid-liquid and liquid-liquid dispersion and mixing; according to the material Different viscosities, different planetary gear transmission ratios are designed, and the torque variation range is large. The laboratory double planetary mixer is the preferred mixing and mixing product for adhesives, silica gel, lithium battery slurry, and other industries; Dead corners, no residue, easy to clean, equipped with a unique control system, safe and convenient operation; the equipment can also be equipped with an extrusion device and a sliding track to realize the integrated operation of mixing and discharging. For materials with temperature requirements, they can be equipped with a suitable temperature control system, independent operation, and high control accuracy.

The laboratory double planetary mixer is composed of a frame, motor, reducer, hydraulic system, transmission system, planetary gearbox parts, stirring parts, pressing system, control system, etc.;

The kinetic energy is transmitted to the planetary gearbox through the motor reducer, and the inside of the planetary gearbox transmits sufficient torque to the transmission shaft through gear meshing, which drives the dispersing shaft and the low-speed meshing shaft for shearing and mixing; the stirring and dispersing components inside the planetary gearbox have different speeds respectively. At the same time of rotation, the whole makes a low-speed revolution around the centerline.

The inner wall of the barrel of the laboratory double planetary mixer is precision machined by a large vertical lathe and polished by a large polishing machine to ensure the overall roundness and inner concentricity of the barrel. The PTFE material is used as the elastic wall-attaching material for scraping the wall and bottom, which can realize the uniform stirring of the whole material under the condition of ensuring no dead angle;

The laboratory double planetary mixer adopts a uniquely designed hydraulic system and an orbital mechanism. After the material is evenly mixed, it slides to the pressing system through the orbit, and extrudes and discharges the material through the hydraulic system;

  1. The (trapezoidal) soft seal between the mechanical seal and the kettle body enables the material to be operated under vacuum;
  2. The barrel can be heated by electricity, steam, water, and oil circulation. The unique temperature detection device on the drive shaft ensures that the temperature error of the material is less than ±1°C, with a jacket, which can realize heating and cooling;
  3. The inner wall of the barrel is finished by a large vertical lathe, and then automatically polished by a large polishing machine to ensure that the movable scraper on the planet carrier completely hangs the material on the inner wall of the barrel when it rotates;
  4. The frame-type stirring paddle in the barrel rotates at the same time so that the material flows up and down and around so that the mixing (kneading) effect can be achieved in a very short time, and the effect is more than ten times that of ordinary mixers;
  5. The revolution and rotation of the stirring paddle in the barrel and the wall scraping agitator are all controlled by frequency conversion;
  6. The form of the stirring blade can be selected according to the characteristics of the material, and the multi-layer blade type, twist type, claw type, frame type, etc. can be selected.

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