Three Roll Mill

Three roll mills   FRANLI three roll mill pdf   are widely used in a variety of chemical industries, from medium to high viscosity productions. FRANLI machine can break open all kinds of pigment, UV ink, offset ink, decorative paints, and Lubricants, it also can catch the greatest fineness in cosmetics/ lipstick and electronics industries. 

Three roller mill, with easy operating and safe cleaning. FRANLI nowadays has a different model of manual Triple Roller Mill, Hydraulic type, and Lab type. They have their advantages and features to meet different requirements.

We have different series of Three Roll Mill.

TRS &TRM Manual type

Three Roll Mill, their gap of the roller is controlled by adjustable wheels. TRS&TRM  three roller mill is an updated type based on S triple roll.

1-TRS&TRM machine transfer gears that soak in oil (oil box). Keeping longer life of the operation, less noise.

2- Cooling control system: TRS&TRM three roller machine installed thermometer, easily check material temp. Three rolls are normally connected with Chiller.

3- normally Reach 10-20um by first passing grinding

While S three roller mill, transfer gears with Grease, cant check chain well. But it is still widely used in Soap, printing industries.

Manual three roll mill

Hydraulic TRH type

Hydraulic Three Roll Mill, which is a full hydraulic auto-controlling system equipment.

1- Cooling system: an individual cooling system for each roller. 

2- hydraulic control: hydraulic control pressure blades, roller gaps, etc.

3- Optional installation:PLC system with SIEMENS touching screen, FRANLI engineer set formulas of grinding according to different viscosity materials.

Hydraulic three roll mill

Lab  TRL Type

Lab three roll mill with PLC Touching Screen,which is widely used in medicine, ink, cosmetics, and electronics industries. Small size, digital number auto-operation. Which smarter, safer, and faster. Which is customized for different material requirements, 

Lab three roll mill

Vertical type for Grinding Powder

Also, we have a vertical three-roll mill for grinding powder and chocolate. We have 3 rollers, 4 rollers, and even 5 rollers, which are all vertical types. We export to the soap industry and chocolate companies. 

Vertical three roll mill

Heating type

Franli also offers a heating hydraulic three roll mill for rubber, EVA, PVS, and color masterbatch. As this type of machine grinds high viscosity material, we specially design the gear quality. This type is been Heated by oil or steam. 

Franli three roll mill machine are full automatic PLC controlling, hydraulic system, stable operation, reliable quality. We choose the international brand parts. Standrad parts, ABB VFD, Siemens Motor, SKF or NSK bearings, SEW or Nord reducer. A roller is 45-55mm thickness of metal, cast steel. You can widely choose ceramic, alloy, granite rollers for your material. If you have several formulas of material, we can set up formulas in the PLC system, your workers only need to choose numbers on touching the screen, don't need to waste time to adjust the rollers’ gap or the pressure of the blade. 

Heating three roll mill

About the feeding system, we have several kinds for different viscosity of the material. Such as a feeding pressure machine, also called an extruder machine. And feeding system is installed on the top with a single reducer motor. While if your material is a crazy high viscosity, and small batch production, we suggest that it’s better to feed material into rollers by manual scrapper. 

Our package is a standard export wooden case, and our factory is close by shanghai port, fast delivery, and cheaper shipment. Welcome to connect with us. we will choose a suitable three roll mill for your material. Of course, you are welcomed to send us your material for the first trial before offering an order.