Lab Three Roller Mill

Lab Three Roller MillFranli designed and produced Lab Three Roll Mill for 20+ years. specialized in searching electronic pastes, ointment, pigment, cosmetic, solar pasty, etc. 

Superfine Precise Lab three roll mill  FRANLI lab Three Roll Mill pdf can create hyper-precise, narrow particle size distribution, which is the best choice for Nano new technology material. You can control the gap of rollers by setting the date (unit: micro ) in the SIEMENS PLC system. If you have many kinds of formulas of new technology, this Lab three roll mill machine can save your setting date. Which helps you find the most correct gap during testing.

If your material is a metal paste, electronic paste, you would choose a ceramic(ZrO2) roller for grinding. We have offered many such customers in the world. Welcome to connect us to get more Infos on lab three roll mill, videos. 

Two types: handwheel and digital control gap

Safe scraper socket, Emergency-stop

Space-saving desktop models

Drip tray for easy cleaning

Ointment Lab Three Roll Mill

Best Choice for Ointment, stable working

Roller, discharging plate, the hopper is Ceramic(ZrO2)

More effective, more complete

PLC Lab Three Roll Mill  

Can Save 3000 formulas in the system

Optional rollers can be cooled or heated

Digital control the speed

Smallest Size Three Roll Mill

SD50 is the smallest lab three roll mill

Digital number control speed

Handwheel control gap

Traditional Lab Three Roll Mill

SS or Painted outside of a machine

Ceramic, Alloy roller 

Very good price 

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Handwheel lifting, SS shaft, and disc 

Digital Control Speed

Free small SS tank


Accuracy <0.03


Ganci whiteness, ISO brightness, YI yellowness

Glass Reactor

Temperature range: -40°C to 200°C

Motor Brand: IKA

Glass: single or double jacket

Lab Three Roll Mill

Franli Lab Three Roll Mill can produce fineness between 20 and 1um, which depends on your material. Some material even can reach below 1um. The output can be 0.1 to 60L per hour. This type of Lab three roll mill key point that space-saving desktop,our 3 roll mill machine can keep steady roller distance guarantees even particle size. You can continuously adjustable the roller gap with only one headwheel. Universal scraper system with width outley, no re-adjustment necessary during operation. 

Franli Lab three roll mill machine also has a safety system. Such as hopper with handguard, drip tray with integrated handguard and safety switch, removable for easy cleaning. Also safe scraper socket, Emergency-stop pushbutton. Electronic Brake.

Different materials of roller for milling different materials. You can choose aluminum and zirconia oxide. The polished outside surface of the machine. Scraper knives are made of wide kinds of material, such as steel, plastic, aluminum, and zirconium oxide.

Optional function of lab three roll mill, drop solvent system. Which suitable for some easy-dry material during milling. Don't be wait ! connect us now! 


Main Technical Parameters

Lab Three Roller Mill parameters