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Franli Three Roll Mill specialized in searching electronic pastes, ointment, pigment, cosmetic, solar pasty, etc.

Advantages of three roll mill

  • Wide range of applications
  • High strength and high wear resistance
  • Uniform pressure
  • Easy to use












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Guidelines For Three Roll Mill

How often does it happen that we want to buy something a little complex for the common eye, but do not have enough information and end up buying something that we regret later on?

The chances of that happening are strong if you need something for industrial purposes. Most products under this category are usually complicated and one generally needs some sort of research and guidance to be able to get their hands at just the exact thing they want and need.  

If your industrial work concerns dispersion or compression then it is highly unlikely that you are going to invest in a classic agitator rather than a Three Roll Mill or triple-roll mill.

If you are going to spend a good amount of money on this device, then you need to research some things before you start looking for one. Knowing the fundamentals isn’t enough, you need a source that provides correct and detailed information about the topic to help you buy the right version of the device.

This article will not only provide that very vital information to you but also will give recommendations for a good three-roll mill brand so that you can end your research and jump straight to the fun part.


The fact that you clicked at this article, makes it pretty obvious that you know what a three-roll mill but have ever looked at the specifics of it to understand the concepts better?

Again, details are very important, so let us take a brief look at it. In the most specific yet easy manner, a three-roll mill is a machine used for compressing, refining, grinding, and dispersing different materials, which are usually highly viscous.

It is different from a typical agitator because it uses shear forces (forces applied in different directions with relative velocities) for these processes and due to that many different varieties of input material can be easily processed using a three-roll mill. That’s the reason why a three-roll mill is very common and useful in different industries.


Many buyers make the common mistake of thinking that just because they know what a Three Roll Mill is, they can now go and look for one and buy it just out of scratch. That is a major mistake, and a decision made in haste is one that many people regret later.

You should make sure you do not make such common and rather stupid mistakes. To be able to decide which three-roll mill is best for you, you have to collect the right information about different types of three-roll mills and then choose one by your requirements.

There are several roll mills available, which are usually customized so that they can fulfil particular needs.

The following are the different types of three-roll mills that so that you can find what’s best for you.


For highly viscous materials, the right three-roll mill is the one that offers an extremely high amount of temperature to process these materials. The gear quality of such mills needs to be specifically designed. If your input material includes EVA, PVS, rubber, or color masterbatch, you might require this type of three-roll mill.

Extremely high heating type three roll mill


These types of mills are usually used in industries that manufacture medicines, cosmetics, inks, and even electronics. This category of mills must have a PLC touching screen, an auto-operative system with a digital number keypad, and could be customized for the use of different materials. The newer and practically better versions are smaller in size, safer, smarter, and much faster.

Lab three roll mill


A typical three-roll mill has three rollers placed horizontally which is useful for better reduction of agglomerates and hence the use of different types of materials is easily possible. This factor is advantageous for most industries in common, but industries such as soap industries and chocolate industries generally require mills with better grinding powers and a vertically placed mill is better for these exceptions.

vertical three-roll mill


If your industry requires a hydraulic type three-roll mill, you need to look for one that offers a fully automatic controlling system and equipment. Some important features include:

A separate cooling system for each of the rollers.

Pressure blades and roller gaps with an auto-hydraulic control.

Available instalment for various types of materials.

heating hydraulic three roll mill


Manual types of three-roll mills have adjustable wheels and the gaps between the rollers are controlled through those wheels. Must-haves for such mills are:

An installed cooling control system that enables easy checking of the temperature of the material. Generally, the chiller is connected to the three rollers.

Must be able to reach 10-20UM by the first passing grinding.

Not transfer gears with grease, or the chain cannot be checked.

Manual three roll mill

After reading all about the different types of three-roll mills, you would certainly have realized which one would be the best according to your requirements.

Now that you know which mill to look for and what specifications to notice while buying a mill, the only remaining job is finding a good and trustworthy brand for actually buying the mill.

Save yourself some trouble of looking more, because we have tried to make this visit of yours very useful by providing the best recommendation for you.

FRANLI is a brand worthy of your attention and investment. The brand provides amazing services at a very good price. It might as well be exactly what you are looking for.

FRANLI has all the machines mentioned above, with all the features and characteristics and you can find the perfect three-mill roll for your industrial purposes, which fulfils each one of your requirements by taking just one look at FRANLI’S amazingly varied catalog.

You do not need to worry about anything when buying from FRANLI because of the amazing service and quality provided by them. Shopping for industrial equipment could not have been made easier than this. You must give it a try.

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