Hydraulic Three Roll Mill

Hydraulic Three Roll Mill

Franli is a professional FRANLI Hydraulic Three Roll Mill pdf  hydraulic three roll mill manufacturer in china, we have designed and produced all kinds of hydraulic three roll mills for more than 20 years. 

FRANLI Hydraulic three roll mill has a unique Hydraulic system, which controls pressure roller, discharging blade, two sides holders, etc, which system can improve production capacity compared with normal same size three roll mill. 

If you choose a Hydraulic three-roll mill, your factory can produce higher production, you won't need a worker who needs a complex adjusting gap. All formulas of material can be set up in a PLC system.

The hydraulic pressing system is the top technology in Hydraulic Three Roll Mill. You can get high line pressures and top quality within a short time.  

we install a high-efficiency cooling system in each roll. You can check and auto-control temperature during production. The cooling water can be automatically stopped or started into the machine by a PLC system. 

Four servo motors control the gap of rollers, while if you produce offset ink, you don't need this. If you choose the hydraulic system, you can guarantee your production quality, high throughputs, and stable pressure in the roller gap. Then your production capacity will get 4 times higher than the normal one.

l Pressing=grinding and dispersing

l Mixing= hydraulic pressing for production intermixing 

l Disengagement=cheaning roller when you replace material

Advantages of Hydraulic Three Roll Mill

l High production capacity 

l Ideal final size

l Easily & safe operation

l PLC touching screen system control

Roller Material

l Hardness Alloy Roller

l cold hard alloy, hardness Hs70-74,30-35mm

l Most customers choose Hardness alloy roller

Ceramic Zirconia Roller

l zirconium oxide 95%, 20-35 mm thickness

l Produce cosmetic, medicine, tooth plate 

Granite Roller

l Granite materialpolished surface

l Economy choice if you also produce medicine, tooth plate, etc.

Optional Hydraulic Three Roll Mill Type:

Horizontal type

the cosmetic manufacturer would like to choose this SYP hydraulic horizontal three roll mill, outside is SS mirror surface.

Inclined type

This is the same function with the Horizontal type, while the surface is more beautiful and easy to charge, the price also higher little.

Vertical type

Which type of three roll mill mainly produces Guar gum, soap, etc.



Main Technical Parameters

Hydraulic Three Roll Mill parameters