High Shear Mixer

high shear mixer

The high shear mixer is widely used in the experimental fields of liquid mixing, emulsification, liquid/solid powder dispersion, and slurrying in biology, physics, chemistry, cosmetics, health care products, food, paint, coatings, and chemicals. It is ideal laboratory equipment for scientific research, product development, quality control, and production process applications in scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, health and epidemic prevention, product manufacturing, and pharmaceutical and medical units.

The dispersion process of the high shear mixer is based on the cutting principle of the rotor and the stator. The experimental equipment is driven by a high-speed motor to drive the shearing and emulsifying working head, which promotes the rotor to make a high-speed circular motion. The high-speed rotating rotor and the precision stator form high-frequency, strong circumferential tangential velocity, angular velocity, and other comprehensive kinetic energy, which encourages the experimental materials to be sucked into the rotor area from the bottom of the experimental container, and the stator hole under the action of huge centrifugal force throw out. The stator and rotor form strong, reciprocating hydraulic shear, friction, centrifugal extrusion, and fluid collision in a reasonably narrow gap. The experimental materials cyclically reciprocate in the container, and withstand tens of thousands of times per minute of shearing, tearing, impact and mixing, to achieve the effect of shearing and emulsification, and the efficiency of high shear mixer is about a thousand times higher than that of ordinary mixing.

The high-shear mixer is a multi-functional integrated complex emulsification equipment. Because of its multi-functionality, it must be operated by the manufacturer before using it.

The components of our equipment operation are the mixing system of the main emulsification tank, the homogenization system, the lifting system of the main tank, the mixing system of the water-oil tank, and the vacuum system. The equipment can be controlled according to the buttons on the control panel, including lighting and extinguishing the lights, controlling the mixing operation of the mixing bowl, homogenizing mixing operation of the mixing bowl, mixing operation of the water and oil boiler, controlling the operation of the vacuum system and the main Heating of pot and water and oil pot. The various controls of the equipment are carried out on the control panel.

Daily operation guide for high shear mixer

①Turn on the power →②Feeding in the oil-water pot →③Close the lid of the oil-water pot →④heat and stir the oil-water pot →⑤Close the lid of the homogenizer pot, close other valves on the lid, and open the vacuum valve to vacuum (suction) →⑥Homogenizer pot Heating (adjustable temperature)→⑦Homogeneous mixing and emulsification of the poor material (time is up) stop heating→⑧open the discharge valve again to discharge the material→⑨(after cleaning, the lid can be lifted, dumped, drained and closed)→⑩circulation.