Inline Homogenizer

The Inline homogenizer is mainly used for mixing and homogenizing materials, dispersing, and emulsifying, and it is versatile and versatile. The inline homogenizer is generally used as a primary and intermediate material for mixing, homogenizing, dispersing, and emulsifying.


The working principle of the inline homogenizer is that under the high-speed drive of the motor, the material moves at high speed in the narrow space between the multilayer rotor and the stator. Under the action of a special structure, the material can withstand hundreds of thousands of times per minute in the working cavity Even millions of times of high-speed shearing have formed strong hydraulic shearing and turbulence, so that the materials can be fully dispersed, homogenized, and uniformly coordinated under the coordination of the comprehensive effects of centrifugation, extrusion, grinding, collision, and crushing at the same time. Process requirements such as emulsification, crushing, refinement, and mixing. The more layers of rotor and stator in the working cavity, the larger the shear surface and the better the effect. The material fineness is up to 0.5μm. It has realized multifunctional equipment integrating dispersing, homogenizing, crushing, emulsifying, mixing, dissolving, suspending, conveying. Which makes the product better.

Main Technical Parameters

Inline Homogenizer parameters