Offset Ink machine line

FRANLI is specialized in offset ink full line production for 20+ years. Helped customer save the cost, save the man power, also save the space. Full line is controlled by PLC system, such as water temperature, feeding material, pressure, feeding milling speed. Full set of offset ink line are installed by pipes connection, continuous production, well sealing, no-pollution environment, also we designed the maintain space.

We adopted high viscosity bead mill, which is high production, less noise, higher effective. Hydraulic three roll mill has double pressure type, avoid the max area roller hurt. Double speed(VFD) to transport the color paste. Guaranteed the measurement accuracy, the stable quality, no fluctuate according with the skill of operator.

This system can record the 60days working process.(also you can customized the working days) , you can account the consumption statistics, working hours, connection type is ERP. Formula setting can be fixed the rights, please don’t use the traditional wheels tank.
The main process of offset ink production line, first is add resin oil and pigment into pre-mixing tank, then mixing, milling and grinding, etc. Pls check the process of working.

What you should focus on in full line of offset ink?

1,We should focus on the main points of the full line, have checking point for pressure of outlet, and feeding material on roller. If less than standard, will arming on three roll mill. Which can avoid the dry milling. Will hurt the roller. So we installed the Pepper Fuchs.

2, We adopted the TOLEDO load cell for full tanks, the accuracy is around 0.2%.

3, liquid sensor for each tank of outlet, also has static mixer in the pipe, improve the production effective.

All small parts in the full line are key point, such as full line checking system for temperature, pressure, feeding material sensor,etc. And we full offered the powder feeding station and discharging bag station.
Large Flow Bead Mill(sand mill) helps many factories to improve production. Grinding for low viscosity, well-flowing material.
Three Roll mill are widely used in a variety of chemical industries, from medium to high viscosity productions.
This kind of butterfly mixer is used in offset ink, putty etc industry. The butterfly dispersing mixer is a product with the functions of dispersing and stirring (wall scraping) developed on the basis of a single-axis hydraulic lifting disperser
This dual-shaft mixer has one high-speed disperser and one butterfly mixer. which is mainly used in gravure ink, carbon black, UV ink, Offset Ink, etc.
pearl Mill is also called vertical bead mill, high viscosity pearl mill used in offset ink, printing ink, screen printing ink, condensed ink, gravure ink, letterpress ink, carbon black, and other high viscosity material.
Twin Shaft Disperser is suitable for mixing and mixing from low viscosity to high viscosity, and the applicable viscosity range is 3000cps~20000cps.


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