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The EC production line is mainly composed of an agitator mixer, bag filter, filling machine, etc. The preparation process of emulsifiable concentrate is to put the original pesticide (active ingredient) insoluble in water into an organic solvent, and complete the work of the entire production line through multiple steps such as stirring, mixing, dust removal, filtration, and filling.


Production of pesticides such as EC
Emulsifiable concentrate (EC) is one of the main formulations of pesticides. It has a high content of active ingredients, and the mist droplets are on the surface of plant harmful organisms. It has the advantages of a long residual effect period, convenient use, and stable storage period.
The active ingredient content of EC is high, generally 40%-50%. In addition to spraying with a sprayer, EC can also be applied to stems, irrigated leaves, seed dressing, and seed soaking.
The EC preparing process is to put the original pesticide (active ingredient) insoluble in water in an organic solvent, such as benzene, alcohols, esters, ketones, and other solvents, add an emulsifying agent, mix them all in the agitator mixer, The agitator mixer is the main machine to produce the EC, it usually uses the stainless steel body with jacket, the cooling water will be connected with the jacket to keep the raw material temperature; the anchor impeller, motor, and inverter are its main part, we can offer international brand such as ABB/Siemens Beide motor, Nord reducer, Schneider electrical components for optional. Using a low-speed agitator can mix liquid and powder more evenly.
In addition, Franli also offers the feeding hopper and dust collector for the agitator mixer, when feeding the powder, there will have many specks of dust to expose in the air, which will make air pollution. Hence, dust collection is necessary. Franli dust collector adopts a full stainless steel body, with high-efficiency dust collection and a good effect. we also offer the load cell and weighing system for metering the quantity of raw material, which can make a more accurate quantity of ingredients.
After the mixing, the diaphragm pump will be used to transfer EC paste to the bag filter, as the EC has contain many organic solvents, hence, using the SS filter bag is better. In addition, Franli also offer different material of filter bags, such as SS304, SS316 and PP, etc… and our filter precision can reach 0.5um
The EC paste will be transferred to the stainless steel agitator mixer at low speed, and the speed is usually around 82rpm, and the two sets of agitators can use optional, we use 10mm thickness for the mixer body, 12mm thickness for the mixer bottom, strong body can make the agitator mixer running stably and have longer service time. In addition, we also offer international brands for optional, which can ensure quality control.
After the mixer, the EC will go to the filling machine, Franli filling machine has high filling precision control and different capacity chosen for customized.
The above is the whole process of producing EC, the configuration of the machines can be customized according to customer requirements, If any interested, pls don’t hesitate to contact with us.


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