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Bead Mill has safety arming when lower or higher pressure production, also arming for higher temperature, etc. Painting final size can reach 1-3um by two times in disc sand mill. If choose a pin-type sand mill, with higher efficiency, some materials reach nano-size based on good price. Most bead mill has widely worked in printing ink, digital ink, pesticides, lithium battery, painting, etc.

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Franli Bead mill has worked in many different industries. Helping customers to get the more ideal final size, bright color, and higher production capacity.

Welcome to connect with us, our engineer will support you to choose a suitable bead mill. Videos also show the adjusting、working process, and how to maintain a bead mill. Which parts need check when starting grinding.

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bead mill
Large Flow Bead Mill helps many factories to improve production. Grinding for low viscosity, well-flowing material. Self-cycling cooling system. Don't need the cooling pump. Franli produces Disc Bead Mill, Pin Bead mill, Turbine Nano Bead mill, etc.
bead mill
Agitator bead mill’s pins are uniform distributed type, pre-milling your material when feeding material into chamber. The agitator bead mill has a stronger power motor, material milled by bead, and pins in the chamber.
Horizontal Bead Mill
Horizontal Bead Mill is used for the grinding of a solid-liquid two-phase system. In the grinding process, the material is pumped into the Horizontal Bead Mill, and the rotating grinding disc transfers energy to the beads. The beads impact the material an
bead mill
Dyno mills are also widely used in inks. In the production of different types of ink, the structure of the dyno mill is also different. Probably follow the following rules, gravure ink: production generally uses pin or disc type dyno mill; rotary offset p
pearl mill
The pearl mill grinding chamber with pins, specially designed grinding shaft. We install an advanced cooling system for high temperature of viscosity material. Pearl mill has a German mechanical seal, NSK bearings. Which avoids the leaking of material.
Zirconia beads for sale|Zirconia beads price
Zirconia beads are generally divided into two categories, nano zirconia beads, and high-purity zirconia beads. Nano zirconia beads are mainly used in high-end materials, such as new energy battery anode and cathode materials, carbon nanotubes.
bag filter
The bag filter is a device that filters through pressure. When the liquid passes through the inlet of the machine and is filtered by the filter bag, it will effectively filter impurities and obtain high-quality materials.
nano bead Mill|Wet Grinding Equipment Manufacturer
Nano mills, as a kind of sand mills, are mainly for some small slurries, such as common inks and carbon nanometers in daily life. Tubes, nano-pigments, batteries, photovoltaic materials, cosmetics, food, proteins, etc.
bead mill
FRANLI turbine bead mill is a kind of nano mill, which is mainly used in medicine, food industry, agrochemicals, cosmetics industry, papermaking, life sciences, microbiology, fillers, and other industries.
nano bead Mill|Wet Grinding Equipment Manufacturer
Bead mill machine is a microscopic and nanotechnology grind and dispersion device. The particulates are ground and/or distributed by the collisions and friction stress of the beading within the bottom chamber.

Guidelines For Bead mill

Large Flow Bead Mill(sand mill) helps many factories to improve production. Grinding for low viscosity, well-flowing material. Self-cycling cooling system. Don’t need the cooling pump. Franli produces Disc Bead Mill, Pin Bead mill, Turbine Nano Bead mill, etc. Optional material of inner chamber and disc: hardness Alloy, Zirconia, PU.

Disc Type Bead Mill
grinding material to reach1-5um for universal material, such as painting, ink, etc.
you can choose grinding beads size from 0.2mm-1mm for this type of bead mill.
the special shape of the disc, bigger outlet screen to reach higher production capacity. Which called high flow production horizontal bead mill.

Pin Type Bead Mill
Higher grinding effective than disc type bead mill.it can be cycling grinning by two/one tank Pin type Bead Mill is a more powerful, well-controlled temperature.

Dyno bead Mill
Traditional horizontal bead mill, which outlet port at the middle of a bead mill.
working for pre-grinding, connect with the higher precise grinding bead mill. Two bead mill continues grinding increased efficiency.

Vertical bead Mill
Which is a Vertical traditional Bead mill. mostly working for pre-grinding for big size of raw material. the inner chamber can be SS or Alloy, according to with material. Chamber is connected with the chiller.

Lab Bead Mill
Pin or Disc Lab Bead Mill for small-batch grinding. 10kg material is enough for lab bead mill grinding. which type of bead mill is the same as a large flow bead mill. Easy operation, save space, fast cleaning.

Zirconia Beads for Bead Mill
Zirconia Beads size from 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm…2mm.
ZrO2: 95±0.2%, Y2O3: 5.0±0.2%.
Specific density(g/cm3)> 6.05.
Color: pure white.
We will offer quality certification for each batch of beads.
Best Quality Bead Mill Machine in China

Franli, we focus on the technology of the bead mill. Supporting and offering bead mills all over the world. We have different types of bead mills, such as disc-type bead mill, pin-type bead mill, nano bead mill, etc, also we have traditional dyno mill and per mill.
All bead mills specialize in grinding low viscosity material around 3000cps. We glad to choose the bead mill size and material of machine for your materials. Such as a PH7 higher material, you should choose ceramic (Zirconia) to anticorrosion. If you want to reduce the cost, then PU inner chamber is your best choice. PU and Zirconia material can corrosion prevention. While PU is more heating than zirconia, so if you choose PU material sand mill, pls choose a good chiller to control the temperature. Alloy material bead mill is universal also very popular in marketing.
Main replace parts: double sides mechanical, meters, beads, and some sealing rings. If you buy our machine, some of them can FREE for you.
We choose good reputation parts: ABB motor or Siemens motor, ABB VFD, NSK SKF bearings, Germany Burgman double side mechanical sealing, INGERSOLL pump, etc.

What are the key checking parts on the bead mill?
your operator should check the pressure meter when opening the bead mill slowly, then cool liquid pressure to check if leaking? During grinding, you can check material inlet pressure, temperature. If you have an auto full line, they should ask the factory to install a safety system with arming. If over the date, this machine should be stopped by itself.
About the Service, we offer you a 12-18month warranty for Bead Mill, Free testing by your material in our factory before giving us an order. Also, we FREE overseas training for your workers

The coating horizontal bead mill has the transmission structure and mechanical shaft seal of the device between the ground structure, and the shaft seal of the machine of the circulating lubricating solvent type liquid machine, so that the grinding material and the transmission structure are separated for circulating lubrication The solvent of the mechanical shaft seal circulates in the storage barrel and delivers cooling water to circulate cooling and lubrication.

bead mill

The grinding work of the horizontal bead mill is mainly carried out in a fully sealed, pressure-type grinding cylinder, running and grinding at high speed. Therefore, the problem of solvent-free volatile air pollution ensures the hygiene of the workshop and the physical and mental health of the operators. Also because there is no solvent volatilization and energy saving, the production cost is greatly reduced. Coatings only work when applied to the surface of the substrate.

Generally speaking, there are three functions of paint:

Protective effect

When the object is exposed to the external environment, it will be affected by air oxidation, moisture corrosion, etc., which will affect the normal life of the object. The coating can prevent or delay the occurrence and development of this phenomenon. Protection is the main role of coatings.

Decorative effect

The paint applied on the surface of the object can get a colorful appearance, decorate the colorful world, and beautify the environment. This is a side effect of the paint.

Special role​

With the development of people’s lives, the requirements for coatings will become higher and higher. Modern coatings will have more and more special functions: insulating paint after adding insulating materials, anti-mildew paint after adding fungicides, non-stick pot paint after adding special materials, UV-absorbing paint, noise prevention, and reduction Vibration, and other special functional coatings.

The bottom of the grinding cylinder of the horizontal bead mill is equipped with a slideway, which is very convenient to replace the grinding beads and disassemble them during the maintenance process. As long as the set screw is removed, the abrasive cartridge can be pulled out and the beads will flow out.

The raw material transportation of the horizontal bead mill is a pneumatic double-diaphragm pump and a gear pump respectively. The selection of the primary physics, properties, and properties of the raw material to be milled in use depends on the selection of the primary physical, properties and properties of the raw material to be milled.

The horizontal bead mill adopts wet grinding, which makes the intermediate grinding faster and more uniform.

FRANLI has developed and produced a series of wet dispersing and grinding equipment with independent intellectual property rights, such as bead mill, disperser, emulsifier, mixer, filling machine, grinding media and other products, “FRANLI online dispersion system” equipment production line, Solve the dust feeding dispersion grinding scheme. It is widely used in coatings, inks, pesticides, dyes, inkjets, functional ceramics, nano-powders, food, batteries, and other industries, and has been widely recognized by the market.

pearl mill
Guidelines For Bead mill

Role of Pearl Mill in the Nano Industry

Pearl Mill can handle both high and low viscosity materials. One is for Nano grinding materials, while the other is for high viscosity materials like offset ink. The operation of the Pearl Mill is straightforward, and all maintenance; may be handled quickly and efficiently. Adding grinding media from the feeding hole is simple.

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Bead mill for cosmetics
Guidelines For Bead mill

Guide to Bead Mills

The Bead mill is one of the main grindings and dispersing equipment in paint production. Bead mills for coatings are mainly divided into four categories: vertical, horizontal, basket, and special-shaped bead mills.

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Sand Mill Machine|dyno mill
Guidelines For Bead mill

Dyno Mill|Coating & Inks

Dyno mill is a type of bead mill machine which is used in the coating industry specifically, in the manufacturing of inks products.

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SMP Agitator bead mill
Guidelines For Bead mill

High Viscosity Material Grinding – Bar Pin Bead Mill

The bar pin bead mill is a machine suitable for ultra-fine dispersion and nano-scale grinding of water-based and solvent-based materials. The bar pin bead mill is one of the most widely used production types of equipment. With its very stable performance and sophisticated technology, it has been recognized by a wide range of users. The key thing to know is the characteristics of the bar pin bead mill, which is also the key to people’s favor of it.

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