Agitator bead mill

Agitator beadPin type bead mill (PDF documents related to Agitator FRANLI BEAD MILLFRANLI agitator bead mill pdf)is our Agitator bead mill machine, which is popular in Battery Industry, Digital Consumptive, Ceramic Materials, Mineral Pigment, Rare-earth material, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, etc. 

Agitator bead mill’s pins are uniform distributed type, pre-milling your material when feeding material into chamber. The agitator bead mill has a stronger power motor, material milled by bead, and pins in the chamber. Big decisive material will cycling mill in the chamber, milled material becomes lower density, which outlet from the customized size of screen mesh.

If you choose this Agitator bead mill machine, totally improved your production capacity, and reaches nanomaterial, which tested by Malvern, Universal size can be less than 50nm.

advantages of agitator bead mill

1.Higher production flowing

2.Brand parts of nano mill

3.<50nm tested by Malvern

4.Stable, easily working process

5.Details of Agitator bead mill

Rotor with Pin

Optional material: PU, Zirconia, Hardness Alloy

Different Pin type for different material

Motor Brand

Optional: ABB, SIEMENS, Chinese Brand

Ex-proof Parts

International Standard Ex-proof Grade


INGERSOLL Rand Brand for low viscosity, 

USA Gear pump for High viscosity Material.

Agitator bead mill

Agitator bead mill is a pin rotor bead mill, the shape is the vertical type and horizontal type. The Agitator bead mill working principle can be single batch milling, cycling milling with another pre-sand mill machine also can be cycling mill with two tanks for 30mins or 1h. which working way is according with customer’s material.

Agitator bead mill most produces TFT or PLC screen material. If you choose this type of Agitator bead mill, your surface painting becomes more lighting, heavy coating with higher resistance, Nona level painting becomes more brilliant, enhance color strength. If you choose Agitator bead mill for package ink or sliver ink, which becomes more gloss and transparency. 

Horizontal Agitator bead mill is higher production than disc horizontal bead mill, Agitator bead mill has stronger motor power for grinding. Agitator bead mill has a full cooling system at the chamber, mechanical sealing, outlet place, etc. Speed is 0-1000rpm controlled by ABB VFD. Nano mill’s separator makes beads uniform distribution in the chamber, which makes your material grinding more smoothy and uniform.

How many beads should feed into one Agitator bead mill? Chamber capacity X (70% to 80%) is beads quantity. We signed with one biggest zirconia beads suppliers in China, which can offer our customers the best price and stable quality. Welcome to connect with us!

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Main Technical Parameters

Agitator bead parameters