Nano Mill

Some very small substances need to be ground. Conventional sand mills certainly cannot meet the grinding needs. Nano mills, as a kind of sand mills, are mainly for some small slurries, such as common inks and carbon nanometers in daily life. Tubes, nano-pigments, batteries, photovoltaic materials, cosmetics, food, proteins, etc. are inseparable from the help of nano mill. It is a new type of SAND MILL, which mainly adopts high-precision double-end mechanical seals, and materials or pastes pass through When the feed port enters the grinding process, the rod pin and stator of the nano mill impact the grinding material with high intensity, and finally act on the material to obtain the grinding effect.

The nano mill originated in Germany. It can be controlled by PLC, and FRANLI's nano mill is highly versatile and easy to operate. We are equipped with graphic simulation production and touch screen, so the production efficiency is very fast. They use closed grinding, the processing area is small, so as to achieve the effect of environmental protection, the grinding area has a special high wear-resistant steel, which greatly guarantees the service life of the equipment.

The water cooling system is one of the advantages of the nano mill. It uses a large area of ​​cooling water circulation to ensure the efficient heat transfer of the equipment. The internal circulation type cooling and heating integrated system can also solve temperature-sensitive materials. And automatically collect key data for special materials, and make important preparations for mass production.

Advantages of nano millnano mill

1. It is applicable to a wide range of industries, strong versatility and easy operation.

2. High grinding fineness and high uniformity.

3. High production efficiency.

4. Easy to clean.

FRANLI Machinery provides various formulas and instructions for nano mills, and in terms of machines, we provide free installation and support online and offline installation. You can mail your samples to us for testing, and we will give the corresponding test results, which will serve as your reference when you choose.

Main Technical Parameters

nano mill parameters