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The nano mill originated in Germany. It can be controlled by PLC, and FRANLI’s nano mill is highly versatile and easy to operate. We are equipped with graphic simulation production and touch screen, so the production efficiency is very fast. They use closed grinding, the processing area is small, so as to achieve the effect of environmental protection, the grinding area has a special high wear-resistant steel, which greatly guarantees the service life of the equipment.

Advantages of nano mill:

  • low grinding fineness
  • Wide range of applications
  • high working efficiency












Frequently Asked Questions

The metallic nanoparticles can be formed in two separate manners. The top-down, as well as the bottom-up, are the approaches that should be used here with the help of the nano mill. In the sense that while this bottom-up method is being sourced through scientific researches, including the nanoscience as well as the top-down, that is not is where the two of them can be distinguished easily.

Vertical nano mill

It can also help in terms of creating the nanomaterials as well as the objects that are lying within the similar nanosphere that are based on the atoms, molecules, as well as aggregate groupings through the approaches for bottom-up. In a manageable and clear manner is by which this kind of grouping is taking place to allow for greater limits in terms of the functionality of the structure of these materials here. It is through the microelectronics that needs to be done with a clarified reduction as well as the breaking down of the systems that are in their recent state through the existing technologies that are a lot more efficient through these top-down approaches. There is a greater reduction in the sizes of the devices to that of the aspects of the nanoscale in terms of nano grinding mill.

Synthesis through the Metallic Nanoparticles

There are two separate distinctive approaches that are being used here when it comes to the synthesis of nanoparticles that are metallic in nature. The other approach here is referred to being the bottom-up strategy. The latter would be performing on an opposite role with which the building of even the highly complex molecular devices on the atomic arrangements can be used in the nano mill.

The bottom-up is a lot more suitable for the production as well as the arrangement of the smaller range of order at the reduced aspect, although the top-down approach is extremely beneficial here in terms of forming the ideal integration of the equipment that is getting used for fabrications that are based on the nanoparticles.

The top-down techniques here can effectively build-up for the architectural structures that are presented through the nano mill. It can also help to build up in terms of bringing the smaller collections of the atoms altogether here. Creating the elongated forms at the nanoscale is what is left here.


The following are the processes that are involved with these approaches of the nano mill:

  1. Evaporation/condensation

Starting from heating and heading for condensation of the vapor that is obtained through the purpose of getting the nanopowder is the thing that is supposed to be done through the metal evaporations. Through the pressure that is caused through the vaporization of the metals having the capacity depending on the strength of the chemicals, here is what this method is based on. Even in the laboratory, a certain amount of material is made use of as an effective amount of steam is created through inductive heating as well as radiation.

There are even greater modes of heating up as the refractory metals and oxygen demand here for the same. For instance, you can think of an electron that is bombarded through the heating up to 3000 degrees along with being combined with the electric arc here. The effect of this would be through oxidation of the nanoparticles if the atmosphere here involves the replacement of the metallic elements.

Through the instant cooling of the vapor that has escaped in terms of ensuring the formation of a massive amount of nanoparticles and thereby restricting their growth as well as the other processes that are involved as the powders through the nano mill here are derived through effective cooling technology. To fire as well as the explosion in the air, the nanopowders are significantly prone to them all.

nano mill core parts

  1. Laser Pyrolysis

In the process of the synthesis of nanopowders, this is the method that is quite easy as well as effective. Through a form of exchanges between the release of the CO2 laser as well as the movement of the reagents are sure to be produced here. By arousing the degree of vibration of the molecules, the current energy that is between both the leads is pretty quick in terms of an increase in the temperature in the most reactive zone here. There is also a disconnection of the reactors as well as the flame that is manifesting in places where the nanoparticles are being generated, and they are getting through the quenching once the flame is disappearing.

The above-mentioned technique is the easiest way in terms of the synthesis of the particles here, and it is considered as one of the major techniques that are included in this reaction flow. There are nanopowders out there that have been formed in this process.

nano mill roller

  1. Ionic/electronic irradiation

These nanoparticles can be formed easily in the most original way by making use of it with the help of the nano mill. The following is where this technique is hinged on to:

This is the method that is well-suited within the production of the polymer membranes to that of the nanopowder. This material here can be developed within the membrane pores of the polymer with the irradiation that would make the attainment of the mass quite possible here.

The nano grinding mill uses the physical as well as the chemical process that would be operating at the nanoscale for integrating the primary components into the massive structures here. This is the approach that can yield in terms of having a relevant consummation to the approaches that are top-down here in terms of the reduction of the unit sizes.

nano mill roll

The natural forces here in terms of the life harnesses of their chemical counterparts can generate the structure here in terms of the offerings made by the biological systems.

On the carbon treated with the acid along with the synthesis of acid that is formed through the combination of the white hydrogen and red oxygen while disallowing the decays that are not wanted here through the alloy-made nanoparticles.

Franli is noted to have extensive experience in terms of assisting the users of the products that they are transitioning through the development process of the drug here in addition to the rest.

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Some very small substances need to be ground. Conventional sand mills certainly cannot meet the grinding needs. Nano mills, as a kind of sand mills, are mainly for some small slurries, such as common inks and carbon nanometers in daily life. Tubes, nano-pigments, batteries, photovoltaic materials, cosmetics, food, proteins, etc. are inseparable from the help of nano mill. It is a new type of SAND MILL, which mainly adopts high-precision double-end mechanical seals, and materials or pastes pass through When the feed port enters the grinding process, the rod pin and stator of the nano mill impact the grinding material with high intensity, and finally act on the material to obtain the grinding effect.

The water cooling system is one of the advantages of the nano mill. It uses a large area of ​​cooling water circulation to ensure the efficient heat transfer of the equipment. The internal circulation type cooling and heating integrated system can also solve temperature-sensitive materials. And automatically collect key data for special materials, and make important preparations for mass production.

Advantages of nano mill

  1. It is applicable to a wide range of industries, strong versatility and easy operation.
  2. High grinding fineness and high uniformity.
  3. High production efficiency.
  4. Easy to clean.

FRANLI Machinery provides various formulas and instructions for nano mills, and in terms of machines, we provide free installation and support online and offline installation. You can mail your samples to us for testing, and we will give the corresponding test results, which will serve as your reference when you choose.

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