Offset Ink, UV Ink machine line

The FRANLI engineering company, offer the full set of UV INK Production Line, we can make the full drawing according with your factory size, formulas, weather and safety system.
We got one order for Chinese one factory who expand 6 lines of producing UV INK since 2021, high productivity to meet over the world requirement.

We offer the design as below: The connecting material transported from the connecting material workshop enters the high-level tank of the device for storage, and then the connecting material is measured in proportion and then enters the batching tank and the pigment is uniformly mixed according to a certain ratio, and the mixed material enters the feeding storage tank. The feeding storage tank enters the bead mill for preliminary grinding, and then enters the three roll mill for fine grinding, and disperses to a particle size of less than 10 μm. If the material after grinding is unqualified, it can be returned to the feeding tank for regrinding. The qualified material after grinding is put into the base ink finished tank for adjustment, and each color is designed into 2 base ink finished tanks. Using high-precision metering and feeding, there are 7 varieties of materials that are adjusted and added. The production line is arranged in a space of 72m in length, 42m in width and 10.8m in height, and at the same time meets the requirements of safe production, operation and maintenance. Dosing and metering equipment for small batches is shared with control and assembly lines.

Not only wet grinding machines, also powder feeding machines. Such as three roll mill, butterfly mixer, storage tanks, filling machines, and charging system, discharging system, powder dust collection system, load cell system for all storage tanks. Also the key process is filter before filling machine, our filter bag is stainless steel mesh inside, which is longer life than cloth bag.

So we normally has standard process:

The first step: auto feeding powder and liquid by load cell control weight.

2nd: Butterfly and high speed dispersing machine for mixing liquid and powder.

3rd: bead mill for grinding, which has high viscosity and low viscosity machine, how to choose bead mill, welcome to connect with us, share us your raw material particles.

4th: three roll mill for mixing and grinding together, get the ideal particles.

Note: some factory choose one more manual three roll mill before filling machine, why ? which process can make your ink more light and colorful, improve the quality of ink. The last step is filter and filling, how to choose filling machine, which depends one the bottles that you have, also depends on your productivity requirement.

We just talked about the wet grinding process, let’s move to the powder feeding system. Nowadays most countries require the non-dust feeding system. One for full factory powder system; another one for single machine feeding system. Also auto discharging bag station, which depends on your bag weight, 25kg/bag or 500kg/bag; has difference discharging station.

If you are thinking about the turnkey project of ink, welcome to connect with us. We would like to share our experience with you.
Large Flow Bead Mill(sand mill) helps many factories to improve production. Grinding for low viscosity, well-flowing material.
Three Roll mill are widely used in a variety of chemical industries, from medium to high viscosity productions.
FRANLI filling machines have been used in many industries, including the food industry, daily chemical industry, agrochemical industry, lubricants, etc.


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Offset Ink, UV Ink machine line

The FRANLI engineering company, offer the full set of UV INK Production Line, we can make the full drawing according with your factory size, formulas, weather and safety system.

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