Some very small substances need to be ground. Conventional sand mills certainly cannot meet the grinding needs. Nano mills, as a kind of sand mills, are mainly for some small slurries, such as common inks and carbon nanometers in daily life. Tubes, nano-pigments, batteries, photovoltaic materials, cosmetics, food, proteins, etc. are inseparable from the help of nano mill. It is a new type of SAND MILL, which mainly adopts high-precision double-end mechanical seals, and materials or pastes pass through When the feed port enters the grinding process, the rod pin and stator of the nano mill impact the grinding material with high intensity, and finally act on the material to obtain the grinding effect.

Advantages for painting line

1.Compact structure
After repeated consideration and comparison, franli engineers will get the best solution for the whole set of equipment. We will check the height and position of the operating platform are arranged in a total amount, which is easy to operate and small in area.


From raw materials, whether purchase the steel plates or screws, they are strictly inspected. The weld parts are welded by a certified welder.
The whole manufacturing process is standardized: negotiate with customers for standardization, procurement standardization, manufacturing process standardization, inspection standardization, and after-sales service standardization. Exquisite appearance, comparable to pharmaceutical equipment and food equipment The finish, welds, piping, surface treatment, paint, etc. of the main body of the equipment and external structural parts are all included in franli’s inspection system, and every detail is not overlooked.

Strong production capacity

It can independently complete the entire process of vacuum automatic suction, dispersion, grinding, refinement, cooling, filtration, and semi-automatic filling.
Paint making and paint mixing can be completed in the same mixing tank, or different mixing tanks according to process requirements.

High fineness

Using a high-speed dispersion disc, no matter what state the material is in, it can be fully mixed.
The secondary grinding of the horizontal bead mill ensures the fineness of the paint.


Such as the production of oil-based paint, the motor uses high-grade explosion-proof motors, and other electrical appliances have explosion-proof functions.

Environmental protection

All equipment adopts a high-end sealing device, and the whole production process has no obvious noise, no dust pollution, and no irritating odor.

The Process of Producing coating Line (painting)

The pigment and part of the paint are mixed in the mixing tank according to the proportion, and the mixed color paste of the semi-finished pigment color paste is obtained, which also prepares for the subsequent grinding work of the horizontal sand mill.


The mixed medium that has been pre-mixed and moisturized by the mixing tank enters the grinding cylinder of the horizontal sand mill, where it undergoes intense friction, collision, and shearing with the grinding medium at high speed, and the grinding speed is fast.

High final fineness of coating

The high-fineness semi-finished coating ground from the horizontal sand mill is colorless. The colorless paint in the paint mixing tank is added to the corresponding color paste according to the color requirements, and appropriate additives are added when necessary to achieve the color paint.
Standard requirements. Note: The coating mixing tank can be equipped with several according to the production process requirements.
Filter various impurities through a bag filter with simple structure and simple operation. The filter can choose the filter mesh corresponding to the paint fineness. Canning, weighing, and packaging
Automatically complete the scanning, weighing, and packaging process.

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