With the continuous improvement of material levels, people pay more and more attention to cosmetics. In the past, expensive cosmetics have also begun to become more people-friendly. Products such as lipsticks, eyebrow pencils, and ointments are no longer exclusive to girls. Many Men have also begun to pay attention to their image. According to this phenomenon, more and more men’s cosmetics are also appearing in the public’s field of vision.
It is reported that according to the statistics of a well-known international brand, the cosmetics market scale of the brand has risen by 5%, and the most used type is skincare products. As the market continues to rise, users are paying more and more attention to the quality of cosmetics. Various businesses have also begun to upgrade their machines. The old version of the machine can no longer meet the needs of users. Product refinement, outer packaging, gifts, and effects Degree, etc., have begun to become the primary focus of many processing plants.
The color of lipstick is becoming more popular while choosing the suitable machines for lipstick, which becomes more effective to meet the requirement of marketing. We exported stainless steel outside hydraulic three roll mill with PLC system, the size is normally chosen roller diameter is 260mm, and roller length is 650mm. Servo motors are Panasonic, PLC is SIEMENS, also SIEMENS touching screen. Also needs Ribbon Blender to mix the powder of cosmetic powder.
Following the requirements of the cosmetics era and customer requirements, the machine has begun to integrate production lines, from production to packaging, whether it is bagged, bottled, or barreled, or narrow-mouthed, wide-mouthed, vertical or horizontal, as long as the cosmetics If the demand is necessary, the corresponding machine can be designed and manufactured according to the demand.
So for the cosmetic industry, packing is very important. We have cooperated with the biggest filling and packing factory. Who offers all kinds of bottle filling machines, and bag packing machines.
While eyebrow pencil needs heating hydraulic three roll mill and butterfly high viscosity mixer. Which three roll mill is much different with lipstick three roll mill, connected with heating oil and steam. If cream material needs a high shear emulsifier to emulsifying material.

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