FRANLI geochemist, water suspension concentrate production equipment can be used for 40%~50% carbendazim suspension, thiophanate methyl suspension, etc.
Commonly used SC dosage form, also suitable for difenoconazole, trimethoprim, trimethoprim, and other traditionally difficult to process, the original drug of the suspension. The advancement of FRANLI geochemist water suspension concentrate production equipment enables the preparation of the original medicine of the suspension dosage from the physical and chemical properties can be relaxed.
Geochemist SC (suspension concentrate) formulation line complete equipment working principle according to the pre-calculated material ratio, weigh the original medicine, dispersant, wetting agent, antifreeze, water, etc. Regula Mixing, cut by a high-shear dispersing emulsifier to make the material evenly dispersed; then move the slurry into the horizontal Bead mill or basket mill for grinding. Add thickeners and defoamers as appropriate during the grinding process until qualified products are processed. The specific production process needs to be determined according to the laboratory process design.

Geochemist SC (suspension concentrate) formulation line introduction

Although the production process of water suspension concentrate has certain requirements on technology and equipment, the production efficiency is not high, and the maximum content of 60% can only be achieved at present, and the production rate is low, especially. It is very time-consuming when the process needs to grind sulfur, which is relatively difficult to grind.
However, because SC does not have a dust flying problem like wettable powder (WP), it is not flammable and explosive, has small particle size, high biological activity, large specific gravity, and small packaging volume.
Compared with other pesticide formulations, which are safe and environmentally friendly. Each formulation has its significance, and the suspension agent can achieve a large uniform coverage on the control object after being diluted with water. so it is mostly used in foliar, soil, and water surface sprays, such as common herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. SC has become the new tonnage of water-based pesticides Large varieties of pesticides are still a dosage form with a large amount of development in the short term, and the dosage forms developed for new technical varieties all have the form of suspension formulations.
What machines needed for the Grochemist SC formulation line 1, emulsifier for high shearing materials 2, bead mill for grinding more fineness material 3, low-speed mixer tanks for adjusting material mixing 4, filling machine for geochemist industry We would like to design the machines and full line projects for different geochemist materials.

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