Bead mill for paint

bead mill for paint

The impact of the coating industry on the environment is undoubtedly a problem that every country wants to solve, which also prompts many companies to introduce coating equipment that can meet relevant environmental protection standards. For wet grinding, coating bead grinding. The machine is internationally recognized, can perfectly meet the required grinding requirements, and has the characteristics of high performance, high quality, and high added value. The emergence of the coating bead mill perfectly solves the problems of overcapacity, rapid growth, prominent safety, and environmental protection problems, increased energy constraints, energy-saving and emission reduction in the coating industry as a whole, and many countries have also begun to intervene in support to speed up the elimination of old companies. variety and outdated technology.

Not only that, with the development of grinding equipment, many companies are constantly asking themselves to upgrade and transform their own equipment, and taking the coating bead mill as an example, most coating equipment companies no longer produce serious solvent volatilization and noise. The oversized open vertical paint bead mill, but to comply with the trend of environmental protection, vigorously develop the closed paint bead mill. At the same time, the feeding, dispersion, grinding, matching, and packaging of the closed-circuit production process are also the development direction of the industry.

The application fields of liquid coatings are very wide, and the scope of applications involved is also very wide, which also leads to many people's requirements for the use of coatings, which are starting to become higher and higher, so how can these requirements be met? At this time, we need to look at the essence of grinding, so we need a coating bead mill for grinding high quality and high fineness, so the nano bead mill has been sought after by everyone! Therefore, as a coating company that wants to develop and expand, it is particularly important to choose a bead mill:

1. The coating bead mill must have stability: whether there is a long-term shutdown, whether the internal design is reasonable, and whether the screen meets the requirements;

2. The fineness of the material ground by the coating bead mill: whether it is uniform, whether the particle size is the same, whether there is any ground material;

3. The purity of the ground material: whether the color of the color paste is pure, and whether there will be fading and dyeing of the color paste due to the poor quality of the parts of the machine;

4. The grinding efficiency of the paint bead mill: whether it is high energy consumption and low efficiency, see if the separator discharge of the separation system meets the requirements and is not easy to block (this requires understanding the material of the separator);

5. Easy-to-wear consumables of paint bead mill: understand the wear rate of the core components of the bead mill, and whether serious wear and tear will occur soon, this is also the importance of material selection!

6. Whether the machine itself has high sealing performance: whether the sealing performance of the bead mill is good, and whether there is a possibility of leakage during the working process;

7. The perfection of after-sales service of the bead mill manufacturer: whether the problem can be solved in a short time, whether the professional skills are excellent, and whether it can meet the requirements in a timely and perfect way!

bead mill for paint