Twin Shaft Disperser

twin shaft disperser

Twin Shaft Disperser is suitable for mixing and mixing from low viscosity to high viscosity, and the applicable viscosity range is 3000cps~20000cps.

Its main features are the central high-speed rotating zigzag-shaped dispersing disc, which disperses and mixes the materials powerfully, and its speed can be adjusted by the frequency converter. The appropriate speed can be selected according to the process requirements to achieve the best dispersion effect. The low-speed paddle moves in a circular motion around the wall of the barrel and is equipped with a Teflon scraper, which can scrape the material adhering to the wall of the barrel and push the material on the side of the barrel to the center to prevent dead ends and distortion of the formula. At the same time, it is easy to clean. High and low speed can be operated separately according to needs. The whole machine is compact and runs smoothly. According to the working environment, it can be divided into ordinary type and explosion-proof type. This machine is an explosion-proof type.

Main technical parameters 5KL TSD

1. Twin Shaft Disperser motor power: ABB OR SIEMENS 132KW

2. Twin Shaft Disperser speed: 01450rpm;

3. Inverter 132kw ABB

4. Diameter of the dispersion plate: φ400mm

5. Low-speed shaft motor power: 30KW

6. Reducer: NORD

7. Low-speed shaft speed: 18rpm;

8. Low-speed blade diameter: φ1440 mm

9. Oil pump motor: 3kw ABB motor

10. Lifting stroke: 900mm


Preparation before operation: This machine has 1 electrical cabinet and 1 full explosion-proof operation box. The electrical cabinet is placed in the power distribution room or other places isolated from the site. The full explosion-proof operation box is placed on the platform or wall. Please a qualified electrician. Connect the wires according to the electrical schematic diagram. Add 46# hydraulic oil to the oil mark position in the hydraulic station, and check whether there is lubricating oil in the reducer (it has been added before leaving the factory).

 Trial run: jog the up button to check whether the oil pump motor wiring is correct, then press the up button to raise the equipment to the highest position, and check whether the up limit is working. Press the down button again and reciprocate 2~3 times to check whether the equipment is shaking or crawling when it is rising or falling. 

Respectively jog the main engine and scraper motor start buttons to check whether the direction of rotation is counterclockwise. Press the main engine and scraper motor operation buttons respectively, and slowly rotate the speed control button to the right to 300~500RPM to check the stability of the whole machine, and then slowly rotate to the highest point to check whether the whole machine is running smoothly and whether there is abnormal noise. If there is, stop the operation and operate again after troubleshooting.