Butterfly Mixer

Butterfly MixerThis kind of butterfly mixer is used in offset ink, putty etc industry. The butterfly dispersing mixer is a product with the functions of dispersing and stirring (wall scraping) developed on the basis of a single-axis hydraulic lifting disperser; this product has good adaptability to medium-high viscosity and thixotropic materials, and can be dispersed and stirred. At the same time, it has strong adaptability, and can be customized according to the characteristics of the customer's material and production process requirements.

[Material viscosity]:≤1,000,000 cps

[Production capacity]: 50-5000L

[Applications]: It is suitable for the dispersion and mixing of materials in industries such as coatings, putty, ink, adhesives, and lithium battery slurry. (For more application areas, please click "Free Consultation")

[Applicable materials]: Various slurries with material viscosity below 1,000,000cps and solid content below 80%; such as putty, UV ink, structural glue, anaerobic glue and more than a thousand kinds of materials.


Butterfly Mixer Advantages

Convenient and safe operation

The equipment uses an oil cylinder as a lifting actuator, with a control valve to control the disperser to rise, stop, and lower. The operation is simple and the stability is high; the dispersing disc is fixed with the main shaft with hexagonal socket bolts, which can be quickly disassembled and replaced, and is easy to clean.


Various ways

According to the process conditions and material characteristics, different dispersing disc forms and agitator sizes are designed to achieve the best dispersion and mixing effect; the agitator can be designed with a wall scraping function to remove the mixing dead angle, avoid the slurry wall, and improve the uniformity of the product.


Strong non-standard

Various types of non-standard products can be customized, such as explosion-proof type, sealed vacuum type, etc. The material can be customized SS304\SS321\SS316L stainless steel according to requirements.

Main Technical Parameters

Butterfly Mixer parameters