Platform Twin Shaft Disperser

This platform twin shaft disperser also named concentric double-shaft multi-function mixer, which is an industrial-grade model developed by FRANLI based on the concentric double-shaft mixer, which integrates powerful mixing, dispersion or emulsification, and homogenization; this equipment has a strong non-standard degree and can be based on There are many types of blades to choose from for the characteristics of materials. Conventional blades include anchor type, butterfly type, frame type, screw type, horn type, etc.

Advantages of Twin Shaft Disperser

  • low grinding fineness
  • Wide range of applications
  • high working efficiency












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Technical Parameter

Twin Shaft Disperser parameters

Guidelines For Twin Shaft Disperser

Twin shaft disperser integrates powerful mixing, dispersion, emulsification, and homogenization, which is more widely used in relatively high viscosity materials and used widely in different kinds of industries such as Ink, paint, colorants, adhesives, cosmetics industry, etc.

The high-speed part is equipped with a high-speed dispersing head or emulsifying and homogenizing head, which is widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, adhesives, etc.;

For materials with temperature requirements, a suitable mold temperature machine can be matched, which can be operated independently and has high-temperature control accuracy.

Production capacity: 1KL -10KL tank TSD

Material viscosity: ≤1 million cps

Application areas: lithium battery slurry, sealant, silica gel, adhesive, ink, food, medicine, cosmetics, new energy materials, and other industries

This machine uses two motors to provide power separately. The high-speed decentralized shaft is driven by a belt or a timing belt. The power loss is small. It is equipped with a high-end frequency converter for speed regulation. The decentralized disk is driven by the high-speed shaft to perform the high-speed operation and perform the Powerful shearing function.

 The low-speed shaft is driven by sprocket and chain, with a high transmission ratio, and is equipped with a fixed-speed reducer, which can transmit large torque and drive the stirring shaft to move in a circular motion along the axis, and the whole animal material to rotate along the axis. The stirring blade is equipped with a scraper. The wall device realizes the wall movement without dead corners on the inner wall of the barrel; the equipment transmission mechanism and the mixing system are lifted and lowered as a whole by a hydraulic plunger system.

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