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Twin Shaft Disperser

FRANLI Twin Shaft Disperser is a device that uses a pair of screw shafts with stirring blades to spray, humidify and stir the conveyed powdery materials. Twin Shaft Disperser is widely used in high-efficiency equipment for stirring, dispersing, and dissolving paints and solids, and widely used in chemical products such as inks, pigments, and adhesives.

Details of Twin Shaft Disperser

  • Hydraulic lifting, 360-degree rotation, step-less speed regulation, and other functions.
  • Good uniformity, high production efficiency, and large capacity.
  • Stir evenly without dead ends, easy to clean.

Application: Paint, Adhesive, Battery, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic

It can also be used for stirring and mixing in the ceramic industry, where raw materials including crushed clay materials, fly ash, aggregates, admixtures, etc. should be uniformly mixed. The equipment has high mixing efficiency, compact structure, stable operation, cleanliness, and environmental protection. It is widely used in chemicals, mining, ceramsite, and other industries, and the effect of humidifying, stirring, and conveying solid granular materials or powder materials is also very good.

Twin Shaft Disperser is mainly for crushing, dispersing, emulsification, and mixing of liquid raw materials with different viscosities. Through the high-speed operation of the upper and lower teeth of the dispersing disc, the new high-efficiency mixing equipment can carry out high-speed strong shearing, impacting, crushing, and Dispersion, to achieve the functions of rapid mixing, dissolving, dispersing, and refining. Twin Shaft Disperser is suitable for mixing and dispersing two or more liquid and powdery materials. The double impeller disperses the solid and liquid at the same time, which can effectively weaken the follow-up phenomenon of the material and accelerate the dispersion effect and quality.

The Twin Shaft Disperser makes the slurry form a rolling annular flow, generating strong vortices, and the particles on the surface of the slurry descend in a spiral shape to the bottom of the vortex, forming a turbulent flow area 2.5-5mm from the edge of the dispersing disk, where the slurry and particles are subjected to strong shearing and impact. The upper and lower beams are formed outside, the slurry is fully circulated and turned, and the lower part of the dispersing disc of the disperser is in a laminar flow state, and the slurry layers of different flow rates diffuse each other and play a dispersing role. One-machine multi-cylinder dispersing machine greatly improves the utilization rate of the equipment, reduces equipment investment, and saves limited space in the workshop.

Twin Shaft Disperser is composed of five parts: hydraulic system, main drive, mixing system, guide mechanism, and electric control box. Each part has a compact and reasonable structure. Generally, our dispersing discs are usually flat disc sawtooth type, but special industries or needs can also be customized according to requirements. The disperser has various functions such as hydraulic lifting, 360-degree rotation, step-less speed regulation, etc. It can be equipped with 2-4 containers at the same time, the hydraulic lifting stroke is 1000mm, and the 360-degree rotation function can better meet the multi-purpose function of one machine, and can change from one cylinder to another in a very short time. Improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

1. The whole mixing and conveying process is carried out in a sealed space, with no dust leakage, clean and environmentally friendly;

2. It is a combination of mixing, humidification, and conveying, with good uniformity, high production efficiency, and large production capacity;

3. The shaft end adopts labyrinth type and packing type combined sealing, which plays a double sealing effect and has a good sealing effect;

4. The stirring blade is made of wear-resistant material, which has high wear resistance after special surface treatment;

5. The whole machine has a compact structure, small space, stable transmission, high reliability, and low noise.

Twin Shaft Disperser mainly includes drive device, feed inlet screw blade shaft, tank body, outlet, and other components. The drive device consists of a motor coupling, a reducer, and a gear pair. The motor drives the reducer through the coupling and then drives the gear pair to run to realize the phase shift of the two oblique blade shafts. The screw blade is installed on the screw blade shaft, and the screw blade is made of wear-resistant material. The material enters the tank through the feeding port and is stirred and broken by the screw blade. After the material particle size is uniform, the material is discharged from the discharge port.

When the Twin Shaft Disperser is stirring and dispersing the material, the air occlusion is very small, and the effect of mixing and mixing is also very good. Using a medium or high-speed stirring and dispersion can make the material dissolve very quickly. The particles become very small. Stirring evenly without dead ends, easy to clean, a wide range of processing capacity, frequency conversion speed regulation, digital display of speed, stable operation, low noise, and continuous use for a long time. Twin Shaft Disperser’s dispersing shaft and its dispersing disc are all made of very high-quality stainless steel, which is very wear-resistant, very corrosion-resistant, and has a wide range of applications.

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Guidelines For Filling Machine

FRANLI is manufactured as a professional filling machine equipment, our filling machine can be filled from a minimum of 100g to a maximum of 250kg, and the filling dose can be adjusted by itself.

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