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Filling Machine

Filling machines belong to a small category of packaging machines. From the perspective of packaging materials, they can be divided into liquid filling machines, paste filling machines, powder filling machines, granule filling machines, etc., and according to the needs of the industry, The filling machine has also changed from a traditional filling machine to a fully automatic filling machine and a semi-automatic filling machine.

Details of Filling Machine

  • Single filling can be 100g-250kg
  • The operation method is simple and easy to operate.
  • High durability and wide range of applications

Application: Paint, Adhesive, Battery, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic

Not only that, to meet the filling needs of the market, we have upgraded the filling heads of the filling machine, which can fill dozens of filling heads at the same time. Users can also choose the appropriate number of filling heads according to their own filling needs. At present, filling machines with 1-6 heads have received demand and recognition from various industries.

A filling machine is an uncommon piece of equipment in our life, but it is ubiquitous. Filling machines are widely used in the food industry, beverage industry, daily chemical industry, agrochemical industry, etc. The competition for food-filling equipment is becoming increasingly fierce. In the future, filling machinery will cooperate with industrial automation to promote the overall improvement of packaging equipment and develop multi-functional, high-efficiency, and low-consumption food packaging equipment. There are many kinds of products filled by common filling machines, such as 84 disinfectant, hand sanitizer gel, detergent, laundry detergent, shampoo, shower gel, hand sanitizer, glass water, urea solution for vehicle antifreeze liquid, etc.

Features of FRANLI Filling Machine

Generally, the filling volume of the traditional filling machine is between 300 ml and 25 kg, and at least several types of equipment are required to meet the different filling volumes. With the FRANLI filling machine, only one piece of equipment is needed to meet the above needs. Our filling machines are especially suitable for the filling of daily chemical products, car care products, paint production, and other industrial products, and can achieve a maximum of 10 times the traditional filling.

How to use the filling machine

1. Because a filling machine is an automatic machine, the size of the bottles, bags, and barrels to be filled needs to be unified.

2. Before driving, you must shake the handle to turn the machine to see if there is any abnormality in its rotation.

3. When adjusting the filling machine, the tools should be used properly. It is strictly forbidden to use too large tools or excessive force to disassemble the parts to avoid damaging the parts or affecting the performance of the machine.

4. Whenever the machine is adjusted, be sure to tighten the loosened screws and use the crank handle to turn the machine to see if its action meets the requirements before driving.

5. The machine must be kept clean. It is strictly forbidden to have oil stains, liquid medicine, or glass debris on the machine, to avoid damage to the machine, so it is necessary to:
(1) During the production process of the machine, the liquid medicine or glass debris should be removed in time.
⑵Before the shift, all parts of the machine surface should be cleaned once, and clean lubricating oil should be added to each activity department.
(3) It should be scrubbed once a week, especially the places that are not easy to be cleaned in ordinary use or blown with compressed air.

Cleaning and disinfection of filling machines

1. Loosen the upper and lower set screws, remove the liquid injection system for overall disinfection, or disassemble for disinfection and cleaning separately.
2. Put the liquid inlet pipe in the cleaning solution and start the cleaning.
3. There may be errors in the actual filling of the 500ml model, and the measuring cylinder should be measured before the official filling.
4. Needle tube for filling machine, standard 5ml or 10ml syringe for type 10, 20ml glass filler for type 20, and 100ml glass filler for type 100.

How to Install a Filling Machine

1. After the machine is unpacked, first check whether the random technical data is complete and whether the machine is damaged during transportation, to solve it in time.

2. Install and adjust the feeding and discharging components according to the outline diagrams in this manual.

3. Add new lubricating oil to each lubricating point.

4. Use the crank handle to turn the machine to check whether the machine is running in the correct direction (counterclockwise when facing the main shaft of the motor). The machine must be protected and grounded.

For a long time, the filling machine is the solid backing of the daily chemical, agrochemical, and other markets, especially in the modern market, people’s requirements for commodity quality are increasing, market demand is expanding, and enterprises are demanding efficient automated production. Under such circumstances, The filling machine has become a piece of hot filling equipment. In addition, in recent years, with the improvement of the level of science and technology, the domestic filling machine industry has also developed rapidly, and the technical level, equipment performance, quality, and other aspects have been greatly improved, supporting the efficient and safe production of enterprises. played an important role.

As a professional filling manufacturer and wet grinding equipment manufacturer, FRANLI has more than 20 years of rich experience in R&D and manufacturing. We provide the output of the entire production line, and we also provide the formula for the corresponding production line to help enterprises complete the Construction of the entire assembly line.

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Guidelines For Filling Machine

FRANLI is manufactured as a professional filling machine equipment, our filling machine can be filled from a minimum of 100g to a maximum of 250kg, and the filling dose can be adjusted by itself.

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