FRANLI Twin Shaft Disperser

Twin Shaft Disperser for saleFranli Twin Shaft Disperser is composed of a low-speed anchor stirring and two high-speed dispersing disc paddles to realize the function of dual-axis high-speed dispersion, low-speed strong stirring and tumble viscous materials, three motors are installed in the seal.

On the head stand, disperse and mix at the same time, the multi-functional process is completed, high shear, dispersion, stirring, dissolving, mixing and mixing.

The multifunctional dispersing kettle is used for high-speed dispersion of chemical materials, low-speed stirring, high-shear emulsification, basket grinding and other functions. Various agitator combinations such as dispersion, stirring, emulsification, basket grinding, etc.

Twin Shaft Disperser applicable materials: paints, coatings, new materials, electronic pastes, battery pastes, resin crafts and other high-viscosity materials.

Application areas: suitable for the dispersion and mixing of materials in industries such as coatings, putty, ink, adhesives, and lithium battery slurry.

Twin Shaft Disperser Main Features

1. Twin Shaft Disperser integrates high-speed dispersion, emulsification shearing and low-speed mixing. It can be customized as outrigger type or platform type according to actual needs. It is very suitable for medium, high viscosity and thixotropic materials.


2. It has a wide range of applications, which can be widely used for medium-to-high viscosity and thixotropic materials with a strong mixing effect;

3. Dispersing, stirring, shearing and homogenizing can be carried out at the same time, with simple operation and strong adaptability, making it an ideal multifunctional equipment;

4. The wall of the barrel is processed by vertical lathe, and then automatically polished. The equipment has the function of scraping the wall and the bottom, and the discharge is clean, without dead ends, and no residue;

5. There are various Twin Shaft Disperser, and the best configuration is designed according to the material characteristics of different viscosity, specific gravity, solid content and the production process requirements of customers;

6. Complete specifications, strong non-standard, explosion-proof type, heating type, vacuum type, PLC intelligent controllability can be customized. Optional stainless steel material or spray treatment;

7. Optional discharging extrusion device and barrel washing device;

8. It has strong adaptability and can be widely used in adhesives, energy, battery slurry, solder paste, ceramic slurry, silicone ink, sealant and other industries.

Twin Shaft Disperser Basic Confngurations

l Drive motor: three-phase AC asynchronous motor (common type/explosion-proof type)

l Drive power:380V/50HZ (can be customized according to customer requirements)

l Speed regulation mode: frequency conversion speed regulation (Taian or other brands optional)

l Contact material: SUS304 or SUS316L, alloy steel

l Lifting form: hydraulic lifting, electric lifting, pneumatic lifting

l Working head: It can be equipped with a variety of mixing blades for selection, low-speed mixing + high-speed dispersion + emulsified shear (homogenization), low-speed mixing + double high-speed, low-speed mixing + spiral mixing + high-speed dispersion, etc.

twin shaft disperser

Main Technical Parameters

Twin Shaft Disperser parameters