What is a twin shaft disperser?

twin shaft disperser for saleThe twin shaft disperser (TSD) is an integrated machine that integrates mixing and dispersing. It adds a low-speed mixing function to the original dispersing machine. The low-speed mixing runs in the opposite direction to the high-speed dispersion, so that turbulence can be formed in the dispersion barrel and the material in the dispersion barrel can move. More intense, more uniform dispersion. Moreover, a scraper can be added to the mixing frame to solve the problem of uneven dispersion of high-viscosity materials adhering to the barrel wall. Compared with the original dispersing machine, the concentric double-shaft mixing and dispersing integrated machine has a better and more uniform effect of dispersing materials, and the production time is greatly shortened, which saves time for mass production. The size of the stirring blades and other specifications can be designed and manufactured according to the specific requirements of customers.

This twin shaft disperser also has a fixed type of kettle, and various non-standard requirements for the kettle such as vacuum can be added. Mainly used for large-volume production of high-viscosity materials, integrating slow mixing and high-speed dispersion into one machine (such as architectural coatings, interior, and exterior wall latex paints, medium-thick pastes, real stone paints, etc.).

Principle and characteristics of twin shaft disperser

The high-speed rotating shaft of the twin shaft disperser is in the center of the mixing tank, and the serrated dispersing disc has a considerable diameter, so it has a large shear force. In addition, the low-speed frame-shaped mixing paddle flexes the mixing to make the mixing, Mixing, kneading and dispersion performance are greatly improved. This machine is equipped with a vacuuming mechanism to realize vacuum stirring. The machine can also install a jacket on the outer wall of the mixing tank for cooling or heating. According to your requirements, various devices and various measuring instruments can be installed on the twin shaft disperser. For large-capacity mixing, stirring, and dispersing, the barrel of the mixer is a fixed type.

Working status of twin shaft disperser

For high-viscosity liquids, due to the rotation of the frame-shaped stirring paddle, a slow circular motion (tangential flow) is formed in the whole container, and the rapid rotation of the high-speed stirring paddle can provide the axial flow (circulating flow). A crisscrossing mass flow is formed in the container. Frame-shaped stirring can also be made into a spiral belt type. When the twin shaft disperser’s low-speed stirring blade rotates, the liquid in the container is pushed upwards, while the high-speed stirring blade makes the liquid flow in the opposite direction, so that the up and down circulation flow forms convective mixing, which improves the stirring effect.

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