Basket Mill With Mixer

Basket Mill With MixerBasket mill with mixer is an indispensable equipment in coatings, ink, cosmetics, and other industries. Its main function is to provide multi-functional dispersion.

Ordinary basket mill has a grinding basket and there is a self-priming impeller in the grinding basket chamber that sucks materials at a high speed, and the dispersing disc in the grinding basket chamber is also running at high speed, so the materials are mixed and dispersed in basket chamber and can continuously grinding. The material has been cyclically ground in this way, which has solved the dead corner problem of the grinding cavity. 

However, our new type of basket mill with a mixer is more efficient than the traditional basket mill. Our basket mill with mixer not only has a self-priming function grinding basket, and beside the grinding basket, there are 2 dispersing discs. In addition, using this structure of basket mill with mixer don’t transfer by pump and pipeline. 

This kind of design can ensure that the material is dispersed in a highly enclosed environment. The efficiency will be several times and higher than that of the traditional basket grinder. The material effect is also better, which also shows that it is more convenient for workers to clean the machine.

Therefore, The basket mill with a mixer is a better structure which will bring more convenience and efficiency.

Main Technical Parameters