Lab Basket Mill

Lab Basket MillThe lab basket mill is a common equipment for small-scale experiments and scientific research. Suitable for wet grinding of medium and low viscosity materials. It integrates dispersion, grinding, and integration. It has the characteristics of one machine for multiple purposes, simple operation, convenient cleaning, less material residue, and high production efficiency. The lab basket mill is widely used in wet grinding experiments, pigments, dyes, and dyes in factories, scientific research institutions, universities, and colleges. Small batch trial production of inks, inks, color pastes, coatings, medicines, cosmetics, and other industries that require high fineness.


The principle of the lab basket mill is: the motor drives the self-priming impeller to rotate at high speed, forming negative pressure, and the material is sucked into the grinding cavity; at the same time, the shift rod is driven by the motor to obtain great kinetic energy, and the grinding medium and the material are constantly collided and rubbed. 


 The dispersing piece below rotates at high speed to form a vortex to suck out the material in the grinding basket and separate it from the grinding medium through a unique separator so that the material continuously circulates through the grinding cavity to realize cyclic grinding.


The lab basket mill is indispensable equipment for small batch production. It has the characteristics of a good grinding effect, stable performance, high efficiency, easy cleaning, and easy replacement of materials. The specific parameters are as follows

1. Lab basket mill is suitable for the dispersion and grinding of a small number of materials in the laboratory;

2. Equipped with imported high-quality frequency converter, stepless speed regulation;

3. There are various sizes of jacketed stainless steel grinding containers, which can be cooled or heated;

4. The container is tightly closed during the grinding process and can be sampled through the sampling hole for evaluation at any time;

5. Easy to clean, and materials can be changed quickly;

6. Optional explosion-proof performance;

7. Material can be selected;

Main Technical Parameters

Lab Basket Mill parameters