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FRANLI HSD high-speed disperser is widely used in coatings, paints, dyes, inks, latex paints, adhesives, papermaking, silica gel, putty powder, color pastes, and other chemical industries, and it can be used with three-roll mills, bead mills, and reactors. And other equipment is used in combination. When faced with the stirring, dissolution, and dispersion of two or more liquid/powder materials, it can efficiently fulfill the requirements of the factory.

Advantages of High Speed Disperser

  • low grinding fineness
  • Wide range of applications
  • high working efficiency












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Technical Parameter

Parameters of HSD High Speed Disperser

Guidelines For High Speed Disperser

A high speed disperser is an important piece of equipment in the production of industrial materials. Its function is to stir materials at high speed to achieve a fully dispersed effect and meet the needs of production. There are many types of dispersers. Different types of dispersers have different dispersing effects and are mainly used. In the production of various types of coatings, such as the production and processing of dyes, inks, emulsions, cosmetics, and pigments, it plays the role of dispersing materials.

Generally speaking, when the high-speed disperser is performing wet dispersion and mixing of materials, it can be lifted and lowered hydraulically to increase the overall production efficiency by several times, and the dispersion effect is even better.

After a long period of exploration and upgrading, we have carried out multiple series of productions on the speed of the high-speed disperser, such as single speed, double speed, step-less speed change, step speed change, etc., so that the product can reach a higher level in pre-mixing and pre-dispersion. level. Among them, its stirring shaft can be equipped with hydraulic lifting and lowering, and the dispersing disc is equipped with a frequency conversion speed control line. There are many single-speed methods: electromagnetic transmission, frequency conversion transmission, reducer transmission, and transmission belt transmission.

How to distinguish the high and low speed of the high-speed disperser?

In the process of using a high-speed disperser, the speed often affects the quality and efficiency of the grinding. There are generally only three ways to define its speed:

  1. When the speed is lower than 400r/min, the speed is in a low-speed state.
  2. When the speed is lower than 400-1200r/min, the speed is at high speed.
  3. When the speed is higher than 1200r/min, the speed is in the special speed state.

After decades of accumulation and exploration, FRANLI, in order to meet the mixing needs of all walks of life, our high-speed dispersing machine has been born from the most primitive single model to more types of dispersing discs, such as flat disc serrated, three-pronged pulp Style and other types. When we choose the right machine, we can choose according to our own industry needs. Our engineers will also give advice within 24 hours and help partners understand various pre-sales issues and learn more about the details of each series of high-speed dispersers.

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