Vacuum Disperser

Vacuum DisperserWe are the manufacturer of vacuum dispersers for over 20 years old, we specially designed vacuum dispersers for the requirement of different industries. 

The function of a vacuum disperser reduces bubbles and solvent volatilization, faster material defoaming, and improves dispersion fineness. Easily operation, strong frame, high vacuum <-0.07mpa. The parts of the vacuum disperser are made from ABB/SIEMENS motor, ABB VFD, NSK bearing. Double layer disperser disc can improve the effectiveness of production.

The bigger frame of hydraulic pillars, with three inner lines to lifting, stronger, and more stable. Stainless Steel operation box and cabinet with siemens electric device. Lifting range from 900mm-1200mm, speed is 100-1400rpm, tank size from 200-1000L. 

The cover is installed on the high-speed disperser with a vacuum system, stainless steel material with mirror polishing. The thickness of the cover mini 8mm, sealing parts of the cover has rubber and locks at the round of cover.

Main Technical Parameters

Vacuum Disperser parameters