Battery, With the continuous development of microelectronics technology in the 21st century, and the increasing number of miniaturized electronic devices, consumers have higher requirements for power supplies, such as a lead-acid battery.
The battery is becoming more and more difficult to meet market demand, and lithium-ion batteries with more obvious advantages have begun to reach the masses.
Compared with traditional batteries, lithium batteries have a high energy density, high working voltage, lightweight, small size, small self-discharge, no memory effect, long cycle life, and charging. Fast and other advantages, and because it does not contain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, pollution, and toxic materials, it is widely used in smartphones, notebooks, tablet computers, etc.
Consumer electronics products, as well as new energy vehicles, energy storage fields, etc.
In the next 5 years, China’s energy storage lithium battery industry will enter a growth period, with great market potential. In the emerging energy Internet, due to renewable energy and distributed energy. So we have more great experience of producing machines and offer the full projects in the battery industry. Such as SUN, SENLONT, FOXCONN, etc.
A large number of sources are connected to the large power grid, combined with the popular application of micro-grid and electric vehicles, energy storage technology will be a crucial link in coordinating these applications, and the energy storage link will be Become a key node of the entire energy Internet; the rise of the energy Internet will significantly drive the demand for energy storage.

FRANLI Solution for Battery

FRANLI has rich production experience in the lithium battery industry, providing equipment and contracting services, including whole plant output, design service production line general contracting, factory reconstruction, expansion services, and project management consulting services Services, solution design services, etc., to solve production problems in the lithium battery industry.

Which machines are suitable for the battery industry?

1, three roll mill for electronic paste. Normally choose the stainless steel outside, PLC hydraulic three roll mill. 2, Bead mill for grinding the graphite, normally choose the pin type ceramic bead mill. 3, all kinds of mixers and dispersers for the battery. Some need a low-speed butterfly mixer, others need a twin shaft disperser. Which depends on one of the formulas of battery. 4, also you may need a double planetary mixer for mixing electronic paste. We also have a chemical searching office in FRANCE. Our cooperator office can offer the battery formulas of chemicals.

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Plateform Twin Shaft Disperser

Platform Twin Shaft Disperser

This platform twin shaft disperser also named concentric double-shaft multi-function mixer, which is an industrial-grade model developed by FRANLI based on the concentric double-shaft mixer, which integrates powerful mixing, dispersion or emulsification,

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Glass Reactor

Glass Reactor

Glass reactors are divided into single-layer glass reactors, double-layer glass reactors, with vacuum or not, and the choice of materials. According to customer requirements, we will adjust the configuration of the glass reactor.

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Sigma Mixer: Product Manual

Sigma mixer, also known as a double Z paddle mixer, is mainly used for mixing or kneading materials with very high viscosity (over 500,000 cps).

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