Triple Roller Mill

Three-roller mills are also called triple roller mills. In daily work, they can be divided into Lab triple roller mills and production triple roller mills. They are mainly used in ink, paint, paint and other industries. In order to meet the needs of the public, manufacturers target different According to the needs of the industry, the triple roller mill has also been refined and analyzed to produce hydraulic type, ointment mill, manual type, etc., but their main functions have not changed. They are squeezed by the planes of the three rollers at different speeds. Below, achieve the grinding effect that the factory wants.

Advantages of triple roller mill

  • Wide range of applications
  • High strength and high wear resistance
  • Uniform pressure
  • Easy to use












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Guidelines For Triple Roller Mill

The rollers of triple roller mills are generally made by centrifugal casting of chilled hard alloy cast iron. The factory can also choose the appropriate roller or machine according to its own slurry. The triple roller mill specializes in grinding and dispersing high-viscosity materials, and can greatly improve the efficiency of the factory in terms of production.

Choosing a suitable triple roller mill can save a lot of time and cost for the factory:

lab triple roller mill

Among the triple roller mills, the Lab triple roller mill is considered to be the smallest one, and it is usually targeted at some industries that require grinding of electronic slurry, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and electronics. When they leave the factory, they are all equipped with a PLC display screen and a numeric keyboard, and the grinded slurry is processed for data. Not only can it collect data for large-scale production in the factory, but it also has advantages in intelligent processing.

Hydraulic triple roller mill

The core function of the hydraulic triple roller mill is to be equipped with a hydraulic water cooling system, and the whole process is fully automatic. It can be selected by the factory whether it covers: PLC system, Siemens touch screen, etc. Our engineers will improve the corresponding grinding formula according to the viscosity of different materials.

Vertical triple roller mill

Vertical triple roller mills are mainly used in powder industries such as soap and chocolate. This type is mainly oriented to the grinding and dispersion of powders, and not only has three rollers, but also four rollers and five rollers, all of which adopt a vertical structure, which solves the problem of dispersion and grinding for the powder industry in all aspects.

Horizontal triple roller mill

The horizontal triple roller mill is different from the vertical application industry. The horizontal triple roller mill is mainly used for slurries such as paints, inks, and pigments, and it can achieve extremely high grinding effects, and the fineness of grinding can be operated manually. Not only can it satisfy production, but it also makes many factories prefer it in terms of accuracy.

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