Heating three roll mill

Heating three roll mill is a common type of three-roll mill, mainly used in the grinding of high-viscosity materials. FRANLI Machinery has fully upgraded the Heating three-roll mill. All grinding processes are carried out hydraulically, and its use effect is better than many high-strength three-roll mills. Therefore, in the choice of the machine, it has also obtained much Favor of enterprises.

Advantages of heating three roll mill

  • Wide range of applications
  • High strength and high wear resistance
  • Uniform pressure
  • Easy to use












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Guidelines For Heating Three Roll Mill

The heating three-roll mill has a very high degree of automation. During the entire work process, the machine can always maintain a relatively stable state, and the grinding effect is better. We conduct experiments on the use effect of the Heating three-roll mill. It can be used for the hot grinding of EVA, ABS, PE, PP, PVC, and other rubber masterbatches. After the viscosity of these materials reaches a certain level, many Machines can’t grind it, and the Heating three roll mill can be completely applied to the grinding and mixing of extra-hard materials under the effect of our many experiments.

When designing the shaft head of the roller, in order to meet the best condition of the effect, the designer will enlarge the shaft head of the roller and upgrade the gear. The special material is used to meet the requirements in the entire hydraulic process. Reliability.

There are many advantages of Heating three roll mill:

  1. All operations adopt hydraulic pressure, and the degree of automation is extremely high.
  2. Grinding efficiency and wide range of applicability.
  3. The grinding effect is good, and the working process is extremely stable.
  4. It can be designed by PLC and the touch screen can also increase the convenience of work.

Many partners have spoken highly of the three-roll mill under FRANLI Machinery. The machine can not only provide perfect grinding effects for inks, coatings, cable materials, artificial leather, soap, chocolate, cosmetics, electronic slurries, etc., but also The particularity of the industry, the one-to-one design of the scheme, to achieve “zero” fineness error.

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