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Dyno millsDyno mills (PDF documents related to FRANLI Dyno MILLFRANLI dyno mill pdf)are also widely used in inks. In the production of different types of ink, the structure of the dyno mill is also different. Probably follow the following rules, gravure ink: production generally uses pin or disc type dyno mill; rotary offset printing ink: generally use the vertical rod (or horizontal disc dyno mill).

There are different classifications of dyno mill. According to the structure and shape of the stirring shaft, it can be divided into disc type, rod type, and rod disc type (both bump type). According to the layout of the grinding cylinder, it can be divided into vertical and horizontal. According to the volume of the cylinder, it can be divided into the laboratory, small, medium, large, and super large. According to the medium separation method, it can be divided into static and dynamic separation dyno mill.

And what is the difference between static and dynamic separation dyno mill, here’re some points as below:

From the principle of crushing, the common point of the two is to use the collision, squeeze, and friction between the grinding media to crush the material. Therefore, the two can be classified into the media mill family.

In a dyno mill, the separation device is mainly used when the material and the grinding medium are separated. The separation device is mainly composed of two parts, a static ring, and a moving ring. The static ring is mainly installed on the side of the mechanical seal which is fixed, the moving piece is on the side in contact with the material. The main material of the static ring and the moving ring is made of pure tungsten steel. The gap between them is adjusted according to the required fineness of your material, such as the required fineness. It is about 200 nanometers to 500 nanometers, our dyno gap will be between 0.1-0.4mm, The separated gaps of the static discharge dyno mill is smaller, The grinding material is smaller.

 Generally, the grinding meson is 3 times larger than the separation gap. Therefore, the pure zirconia beads with the size of the grinding media of 0.6-0.8 have a specific gravity of 4.0. In this way, the fineness of the material grinding is the good effect is mainly reflected in the relatively fast and high yield in a short time and fineness.

Dyno mill is one of the important pieces of equipment widely used in ink production. It is used to grind and disperse large particles or agglomerated raw materials to a certain degree of fineness. In the grinding process, once the temperature is too high, it will affect the quality of the ink. Therefore, the dyno mill is equipped with a cooling system.

During use, the ink rotates at a high speed in the grinding cylinder, and the resistance of the pins is great. If the double-layer pin structure is too dense, the pins will easily tilt and collide with each other after a period of use. If there are too few double-layer pins, no obvious effect will be produced. In addition, the cooling effect produced by the internal cooling water circuit in the rotor is not obvious, and it is prone to failure. So the layout of the rotor of the dyno mill is important.

Main Technical Parameters

Dyno mills parameters