Turbine bead mill

turbine bead millFRANLI turbine bead mill is a kind of nano mill, which is mainly used in medicine, food industry, agrochemicals, cosmetics industry, papermaking, life sciences, microbiology, fillers, and other industries, and is used in paints, paints, printing inks, coatings, Pigments, dyes, inkjet, automotive paint, ceramics, semiconductors, etc. have the best effect. Although the cavity of the turbo bead mill is relatively small, it has high flow and high productivity.

After repeated trials and improvements, the turbo bead mill can continuously achieve the narrowest particle size distribution, and it can be carried out at very high efficiency to achieve an ideal single, multi-channel, and cyclic production process. The entire machine uses a turbo accelerator to make the grinding beads produce a powerful fluid movement, so as to achieve a continuous and constant energy input to ensure the stability and continuity of the entire grinding process.

The viscosity of the material is different, the machine used is also different, and the turbine bead mill is more versatile, it can easily handle the grinding material from low to high, and during the grinding, the energy utilization rate is extremely high, thereby reducing the overall need Not only that, but it can also process temperature-sensitive materials under ideal cooling characteristics so that many novices or factories with complex materials can easily operate the machine.

The grinding beads of the turbo bead mill have their own special fluid movement. Under normal operation, a smooth grinding process can be realized, so that the machine has a longer life span in the service life. There are many advantages of bead mill:

1. Have a higher flow rate.

2. It has its own unique and efficient way of processing high viscosity.

3. It has a long life of separation screen.

4. In terms of foam material processing, it has a higher processing capacity.

5. Realize the grinding ability in the nanometer range.

6. Simple maintenance and longer service life.

7. Low-cost material switching

8. With an optimized combination of channel mode and circulation mode.

Turbine bead mill is an outstanding performance among bead mills, and it is also the same in the nano mill series, which almost meets the needs of various industries, and we can customize and detail the machine according to the needs of the industry. Allow users to better get started in the process of use.