Vertical Bead Mill

We are the Chinese manufacturer of Vertical Bead Mill. Specially designed for nanoparticle size material, such as MLCC, Semiconductor material, Silicon Carbin Nanomaterial, Inkjet, TFT material, LCD material, Nano new material, High-quality auto paint, Nanosize pigment, etc.

Vertical Bead Mill has high viscosity material and low viscosity material. One for nano grinding material, another one for high viscosity material such as offset ink.

Vertical Bead Mill’s operation is simple, easy to master, and all the maintenance can be completed quickly and easily. It’s very easy to add grinding media from the feeding hole. don't discharge and grind the media, but the protective screen can be taken out of the closed mill. A minimal cleaning fluid is required for the replacement of the product. Minimum time and cleaning are required for the replacement of grinding media. It will feel very simple to make the grinding chamber decline by an integral lifting device. The grinding chamber can drop and rotate along with the pivot.

FRANLI Vertical Bead Mill advantages:

Same as the traditional sand mill, materials flow through the grinding chamber, through the high-speed shear, impact effect of zirconium beads, to achieve the nano-level grinding effect.

Ø Super high speed: 0-8000rpm;

Ø Dynamic separation device, no screen design;

Ø Smaller grinding medium: 0.03mm - 0.1mm;

Ø Two side mechanical seal;

Ø Silicon carbide inner chamber, excellent colling effect.

Features of Vertical Bead Mill

Machine suitable for processing highest quality production

Ø High efficiency, double chamber, agitated media mill’s in a vertical design, featuring internal grinding media recirculation to achieve highest product flow rates without grinding media compression.

Ø Multiple grinding zone systems, featuring two integrated grinding vessels in series, grinding and dispersing in both vessels by impact through pins and grinding media.

Ø Grinding media separation through centrifugal force.

Ø closed and sealed system.

Ø Wetted machine parts colled for precise product temperature control.

Ø Machine design for continuous and recirculation product flow.

Ø Machine wetted parts are made of special hardened stainless steel and tungsten carbide.

Ø Variable speed drives of agitator and product slurry feed pump through variable frequency drives(VFD)

Ø The separation of product and media is accomplished through centrifugal force. The product flows through the inner/outlet device and into the discharge pipe. The discharge device is removable from the outside without removing media or dismantling the Vertical Bead Mill.

We have sold Vertical Bead Mill to BTR, PPG, DIC, JOTUN, 3M, etc. Welcome to send your material requirement for make a trial. We also can offer a turnkey project solution. For the parts of the machine, we choose the international brand, and the warranty of the machine is 2 years. Offer the overseas installation, checking Vertical Bead Mill, and training your operators. 

Main Technical Parameters

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