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Zirconia beads for sale

Zirconia beads, also known as zirconia grinding balls, zirconia ceramic balls, zirconia beads, ultra-fine grinding media, zirconia beads, zirconia grinding balls.

Characteristics of zirconia beads

Compared with other ceramic grinding media, zirconia beads have three outstanding characteristics: first, high density; Second, it has high hardness; Third, good toughness. Although the purchase cost is relatively large, the comprehensive use cost is very advantageous, especially suitable for the occasions requiring low impurities.

1. High density

First of all, the density of zirconia beads is large, so the ratio is large, the impact force is large, and the crushing energy is large. Under the same conditions, the grinding time can be greatly reduced, making the material grinding more efficient.

2. High hardness and good toughness

The hardness of zirconia ceramic is about 12-14gpa, the strength is up to 800-1000mpa, and the fracture toughness is up to 10MPa 路 M1 / 2. Therefore, zirconia beads have high crushing strength and are not easy to be damaged, and their extremely low wear can significantly reduce the introduction of impurities into the ground material. So it is very suitable for sanding mill, high-speed vibration mill and other equipment, especially in some areas sensitive to impurities. Less broken beads and wear, no need to replenish frequently, so the comprehensive use cost is relatively low.

Preparation of zirconia beads

The preparation methods of zirconia beads mainly include pressing, rolling and dropping. 

1. Press forming

This is a common forming method for large-size zirconia beads, mainly including dry pressing and isostatic pressing.

Dry pressing has the advantages of simple and convenient operation, less investment in technology and capital. However, due to the uneven pressure distribution, the internal distribution of the blank is inconsistent, which affects the comprehensive performance of the product. In order to improve the density of the blank, the method of increasing the pressure is often used in the actual production. However, the higher the pressure is, the better. When the pressure exceeds the limit pressure, the density of billet will decrease, which is caused by spalling.

However, the green body formed by isostatic pressing has high strength, high density and uniformity, which can prepare high performance and high quality grinding medium balls. Therefore, two methods can be combined to produce high performance ceramic balls in industry.

2. Roll into a ball

In addition to the cold isostatic pressing process, rolling ball is also an important forming method of ceramic ball. This method has the characteristics of production equipment, raw materials, simple operation, good sphericity and easy sintering. Although the strength of the ball is not as good as that of cold isostatic pressure, the preparation cost is low, and various sizes of balls in the range of 0.1mm-60mm can be produced according to the requirements.

3. Droplet balling

For small size zirconia beads (0.05mm to 0.05mm), the green ceramic beads can be formed by titration. The zirconia ceramic beads produced by titration method can be sintered at low temperature without internal pores, and have high density, high strength, high toughness, low wear and other properties. It is suitable for the dispersion and grinding of electrode materials, multilayer ceramic capacitors, paints, coatings and other high-performance materials.